Chris Cuomo reportedly planning to sue CNN

PM: Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is reportedly prepping to sue his former employer for breaching his $6 million-per-year contract.

According to an exclusive report by the New York Post, the CNN legal team is “bracing” for a legal battle with Cuomo, who was fired over efforts to help his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during a sexual misconduct scandal that would lead to his resignation.

Cuomo was initially suspended over information in documents that were released by state Attorney General Letitia James.
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8 Comments on Chris Cuomo reportedly planning to sue CNN

  1. Here in the Litigious States of America, anyone can sue anybody for anything and usually will.
    -A lawyer friend of mine.

  2. WDS – I once knew someone from Denmark who came here for a few years who said (when he had to return) that he wouldn’t feel like a real American until he got sued!

  3. Within 2 weeks there will be a parade of female CNN back staffers coming forward to claim that Fredo Made lewd comments, leered at them, and asked them if they wanted to sing into the Meat Microphone.

    I love it!

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