Chris Matthews Admits the Obvious

Matthews Admits the Media Are ‘Killing’ Trump, ‘Gale Force Winds Against Him’


In an almost stunning moment of clarity during Sunday’s Meet the Press, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews admitted in a rant that the media were targeting President Trump. “This president has gale-force winds against him. He comes in with the media killing him every day,” he told moderator Chuck Todd, who was obsessing over the President’s approval numbers. “The New York Times does enterprise pieces, four or five a day against him.”

He also explained that “the big part is the media,” and he recalled how “the media heralded the arrival of Jack Kennedy who won by nothing practically. 100,000 votes.” “But yet he came in, to the point where people said I voted for him. Everybody said they voted — they didn’t vote,” he continued. Essentially, the liberal media championed him so much that people wanted to be associated with the victory.

Matthews’ reasoning for Trump’s low job approval numbers seemed to be for the opposite reason people claimed to have voted for Kennedy. His theory was that the media had shamed people away from admitting they support Trump:

Clearly, it’s not a popular thing to say you voted for Trump. In fact, every time I look at a poll I go wait a minute, more people voted for him than admit they voted for him. And that’s what’s going on. And before the election that was true. I think it is about attitude.

“I think last night by not going to the press dinner and going to Harrisburg he expressed his defiance of us and it goes over very well,” he declared as he then seemed to insult the intelligence of Trump’s base. “It is not about where you stand on China — again, too intellectual — it is about attitude.”

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  1. Do any of these people even math? You don’t need a satellite uplink, a Brussels “bureau,” even an AP feed, to lie to all the people of New York City, all of the time, about the absurd hinterlands, where there be dragons, and have them gladly pay you for it. And a huge number of people, paying you a pittance each, can still add up handsomely. You can also lie to all of the people in East Lower Bywater Village. But the pittances won’t keep the light (singular) on. The only way to cover the cost of big propaganda infrastructure, that can’t be undercut because it’s not really necessary, is to carpet lie the same content across vast swaths of hinterland, and convince the targets to pay you for it. How much are huge numbers of what you pridefully describe as “deplorable inbred idiots” going to pay you for lies they don’t want to hear?

  2. Spittles was 15 years old when JFK was elected. Why does he not mention the media’s adoration of Obama? In my circle I know of nobody who proudly voted for President Trump would ever deny it.
    Spittles is full of shit.

  3. Good point Moe, ignore the Trump train coming down the Track flashing lights and all then wonder why you are being run over and over and over.

  4. Since the election, whenever I go into any shop (grocery store, Post Office, any restaurant, etc). I always leave by telling the cashier, the clerk, the server, “Thanks for Making America Great Again — Every Day of the week!!” Almost all of them give me big smiles… many Trump supporters out there — especially those on the front lines – who meet and deal with their customers.

    Just to keep our spirits up and to keep things positive, in the face of the relentless media onslaught. I can’t even watch Fox News anymore – totally sick of the constant criticism. Have to beat it back, even if I am a one-woman band.

  5. @Loretta in Indiana — I love your parting “thanks for Making America…” Excellent!

    And one person is never “even if I am a…” You, my dear, are to be honored and applauded. This is exactly what it takes to beat it back. Thank you!!

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