Chris Matthews: ‘Bernie, you’re full of it’

WaEx: MSNBC host Chris Matthews continued his criticism of socialism on Tuesday, attacking independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Matthews initially chided the other Democratic candidates for not taking aim at Sanders’s belief system, saying, “Nobody just says the obvious: ‘Bernie, you’re full of it. None of this is going to get passed. You’re going to be a miserable president, frustrated from the first day because you’re not going to get Medicare for All. You’re not going to get free college tuition for public universities. You’re not going to get payoffs of all student loans. None of this is going to happen, and you’re just going to sit there and stew in it,'” Matthews said. “So, why don’t they bring that up? I do not understand why they don’t bring that up.”

He later added that Democratic candidates are “pandering” to Sanders supporters to garner necessary support in the general election. more

10 Comments on Chris Matthews: ‘Bernie, you’re full of it’

  1. “You’re not going to get…”

    Bullshit, never doubt the duplicitous eRepublicans enabling exactly what the drunk laid out.

    Don’t doubt me on this. Romney/Ryan would have been half way to Sanders and the eRepublicans would not have even had to act like they were opposed.

  2. ^^^ Good re-sale value with not a lot of hours on it?
    Sure, if ya really wanna brain like that!
    That’s like the 1973 Pinto with only 15,000 miles on it.
    It’s still a piece of shit!

  3. Pandering? This is the same asshole that has been fanning the socialist flames for years. Chrissy himself has in the recent past called for taxing the shit out of all of us, free healthcare, and open boarders. Now he realizes it’s all a fairytale? He helped create this monster.

  4. Ratfink but a 73 Pinto with 15 K miles is a really great POS. It could’ve been worse like a 73 Chevy Vega or a 73 Gremlin or an AMC Pacer or the two worst of all a Yugo or the biggest POS of all time an East German Trabant.


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