Chris Matthews on Trump Protests: What Kind Of Statement Is There To Make? They Lost

RCP: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reacts to people protesting the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

“I’m always open to the economic argument,” Matthews said on the Thursday broadcast of his show Hardball. “I do accept that Marxist tradition, really, which is a good one which is always try to explain elections by economics. And I think it always works.”

“How about those protestors,” Matthews said. “What would you say to those kids? Most of them in their 20s. I think they do go to school during the day. I think they came out of NYC last night up from downtown in the [West] Village and they marched all the way past Trump Tower to make their statement.”

“What kind of a statement is it really there to make?” Matthews asked. “They lost.”  MORE

24 Comments on Chris Matthews on Trump Protests: What Kind Of Statement Is There To Make? They Lost

  1. They’re just following their reliable “Animal House” lefty credo:
    “This calls for a really stupid and futile gesture on someone’s part-and we’re just the guys to do it”

  2. “What kind of a statement is it really there to make?” Matthews asked. “They lost.”

    what, you and your msm cohorts told them lies during the campaign and now you expect them to know you were lying?
    the lying msms, their marxist educators and their beta parents caused this temper tantrum.

  3. Yow. From one extreme to another. First he says he accepts Marxist “tradition” as “a good one” but then turns around and observes, “What kind of a statement is…there to make? They lost.”

    Totally wrong to totally right in 10 seconds.

  4. He accepts Marxist views of economics despite the historical facts that they don’t work and only produce misery? Retire Chris. You are well past it.

  5. Hey, he once filled in for Rush on the radio.
    He had his come to Jesus moment Tuesday night when he realized Trump was winning.

  6. “The country is grieving.” Bullshit. Most of the country is rejoicing. These CHILDREN should not have their supposed “grievances” aired. If they don’t like the results of the election, move to Mexico. They lost, deal with it.

  7. Screw you Matthews. The country is celebrating. YOu need to be punched in the face and deported you worthless self-hating traitor. Why don’t you move to Canada with the rest of your fellow fat ugly stupid liberals?

  8. Nobody gave a shit how we felt in 08 or 2012, so I don’t give a shit what these protestors feel about it now. Best thing the media can do is ignore them (which they won’t, of course).

  9. In fairness to the little leg-dribbler I think when he said he accepts the Marxist tradition he wasn’t talking about the whole socialist dogma crap but rather explaining election results by economics whatever the hell that means. His comments don’t mean this leopard has changed it’s spots it just means he recognises the danger to himself if he continues to support the left especially if these “spontaneous” demonstrations are shown to be a highly organised effort from the left/Democrat/Soros affiliated groups.

  10. Don’t let these Soros backed protest groups fool you! Just look at some of the signs that were printed up and handed out. These are not random college snowflakes protesting…but bought and paid for protesters. Thanks to Project Veritas videos for showing us the true nature of these FAKE protests!!!

  11. While flipping through the channels at 2am election night I caught Maddow calling us all racist.
    Matthews said “You’re wrong,” and that Trump listened to the common man and heard the pain caused by lost jobs due to overregulation and open borders. He was actually getting it.

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