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Chris Matthews: Pence Won Debate, Kaine Seemed ‘Desperate’ at Times

WFB: Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R.) was the winner of Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate with Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.), calling Kaine “desperate” regarding his repeated interruptions.

“Overall, I think the winner tonight will end up being, in terms of the debate and what they were trying to accomplish, Pence, because Pence really was solid,” Matthews said. “He looked like he had his head screwed on, and I think that’s going to look very important for [Donald] Trump, who doesn’t often look like he has his head screwed on. I think it was very important for him to look like a grown-up.”


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  1. FTA: “A little desperate there, jumping in all the time, always trying to get his points in,” Matthews said. “He didn’t wait his turn.

    Jeeze Chrissy…..project much?!

  2. who’s creepier looking

    kaine or Matthews?

    both these guys look like they hang out at the playground with candy bars.

  3. Sideshow Tim was an ass as he was leaving the event. His mother (I’m guessing) was having a tough time getting into the SUV and he leaves the security detail to help her in while he looks like a bored smug asshole on the other side of the SUV.

  4. yep, Pence won the debate.

    But I have two criticisms for Gov Pence….
    1) You shouldn’t use big words like “feckless” when you are trying to win over the Undecideds who are usually LoFo voters and definitely products of our semi-literate public school system. Use an easy to understand word instead, like screw-up, instead of feckless. Buy a thesaurus (Kaine probably thinks thesauraus is an extinct dinosaur)
    2) You should have told Kaine to SHUT UP every time he interrupted you. And then proceeded to insult Kaine with “when you got up this morning and picked out your necktie, did you also decide whether to be a debater or a buffoon?”

  5. “… You should have told Kaine to SHUT UP …”

    No … Pence should have spit in his hand and slapped Kaine in the mouth.

    And then asked “Are ya gonna cry?”

    And he let a lot of moments slide. Abortion is homicide. Legal, but homicide, nonetheless. He should have brought up the complete imbecility of the notion that Iran is prevented from owning nuclear weapons by the foolish “deal.” The science is 70 years old, the concept proved, and only the engineering left to be done – and Iran has had people in our Nuclear Engineering programs for, at least, 30 years. And if the “heart is exhibited through the mouth” (or whatever the quote) then he has damned HRC for her statement that half of all Americans are deplorable, half are irredeemable, and ALL are racially biased.

    Fuck Kaine.
    Fuck Clinton.
    Fuck Obola.

    izlamo delenda est …

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