Chris Sununu suffering from foot-in-mouth oration

Howie Carr: So now it’s N.H. GOP Gov. Chris Sununu who’s desperate to win strange new respect from Democrats.

That phrase — strange new respect — was coined 30 years ago to describe the odd, desperate compulsion some Republican politicians have to win accolades from left-wing Democrats who despise them.

These Republicans apparently seek nothing more than to pick up a Democrat tract that nobody reads any more and see themselves described as — pick a word, evolving or growing or mature or thoughtful. Maybe even be compared to … Mitt Romney.

The strange new respect never lasts. Just ask Rep. Fred Upton — a 36-year House veteran from Michigan. He voted to impeach Trump last year. He just announced his retirement from politics due to ill health — the voters got sick of him.

That makes four out of 10 of the House Republicans who voted for impeachment who have now evolved and grown and matured themselves out of office. But they have one consolation in their impending unemployment — a file folder full of clippings about the strange new respect they briefly got from Democrats.

In case you missed it, Sununu flew down to D.C. on Saturday and put on the Republican version of a minstrel show for an audience of more than 600 millionaires known as the Gridiron Club. That’s a group of “journalists,” i.e., Democrat operatives with press passes.

Sununu wowed the SRO crowd by sneering that ex-President Trump is “bleeping crazy,” after which he added that if POTUS were in a mental institution “he ain’t getting out.”

Needless to say, the “high-society” crowd, as Politico described them, swooned over Sununu’s knee-slappers. more here

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  1. That purrformance, and dropping the soap, will make him most popular at Man’ World, his next step on his political career.

  2. A parasite.
    A dancing monkey.
    The organ grinder (Soros) turns the handle and the monkey dances.
    Another Trans-Republican comes out of the closet.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Bush Clan hatred of Ronny goes back 43 years (“Voo Doo Economics”) and encompasses generations.

    The last liberal I voted for (He said he’d had an epiphany and was no longer a “NeoCommie”). I said ,after seeing how Ronny ended the 20 year decline in American living standards; and actually got them moving up (yes we all (except the rich) were better off!); he clearly
    “Saw the light”. (How wrong I was!?*#!@$%&*?! Sent a Cuban Commie to Cal to smear, defame, or slander every conservative in the top 2 levels of the state GOP. The Commie was John Sununu. Unfortunately he was good at his character assassinations! Sender was Commie GHWB!

    His very first speech was an attack on the country Ronny loved. Every time President GHWB defamed America Ronny (right behind him) flinched like he’d been kicked in the nuts. To see for yourself Duck Duck “Kinder, gentle America 1989”!

    Many leftists “Bush Republicans” have hated Ronny, and therefore America, for generations. Naming leftist GOPe clan names:Bush, Cheny and Sununu.

  4. When a politician can’t seem to decide which side their on, it makes it pretty clear they’re on the side of compelling self-interest, only.


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