Chris Wallace calls out Pelosi for promoting tourism during the WuhanVirus pandemic

GP: Back in late February, 4 weeks after President Trump banned flights from China from entering the US, Speaker Pelosi was out urging tourists to hit San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Jan 31 — President Trump banned flights from China.
Feb. 5 — Democrats blasted President Trump for his China travel ban.
Feb 24 — Pelosi was pushing tourism to Chinatown.
March 13 — NY Mayor DeBlasio encourages New Yorkers to go about their daily lives as usual.

Last week Pelosi deleted a video of herself on Twitter walking around in Chinatown on February 24 downplaying the Coronavirus and urging people to “come to Chinatown.”

But the internet is forever.

12 Comments on Chris Wallace calls out Pelosi for promoting tourism during the WuhanVirus pandemic

  1. “Last week Pelosi deleted ̶a̶ ̶v̶i̶d̶e̶o̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶herself”

    …I like that BETTER…

  2. If you can call Crissy allowing Nancy to ramble, stutter and spew a disjointed answer without interrupting and cutting her off like he does republicans….then yeah, he sure showed her.

  3. Pelosi’s getting pretty old, I would expect here to be leaving fairly soon because of it.

    Who’s most likely to replace her when she leaves?

  4. Well if I have anything to say about it, Bela Pelosi is going down in history as the House Speaker who wuz so full of shit the whole friggin country actually ran out of toilet paper!!

  5. Don’t get much out of looking at Pelosi. With all those facelifts, she reminds me of a washed out circus geek with small to moderate sized boobs.

  6. I saw her answer to Chris yesterday. In a nutshell she explained she was willing to let people die because she was fighting discrimination.🤔

  7. ode to pelosi/pees-loosely:
    .a dementia congressional-speaker
    .p***ed down her pantsuit on a sneaker,
    .she wheezed to her friends
    .this s**t never ends,
    .next time i’ll remember those super-depends

  8. I wonder when the outrage will start for Pelosi defying climate change norms and owning appliances in a single family dwelling that look like they belong in the cafeteria of a state university.

  9. Like the Clintons everything Chris Wallace says and does is carefully orchestrated. What’s in this for Chris? Has he started a Wallace family foundation?

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