Chris Wallace challenges Biden to follow Trump on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ says ex-VP must ‘get into game shape’

FOX: Wallace says Biden needs to experience ‘vigorous, persistent questioning’ from Sunday news shows.

Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace called out former Vice President Joe Biden Friday over the presumptive Democratic nominee’s apparent reluctance to appear on Wallace’s program or any of the Sunday morning news shows.

“We asked last week for an interview [for] this past Sunday with Joe Biden,” Wallace told “Bill Hemmer Reports” host Bill Hemmer, “and they [his campaign] said that he is not available for that Sunday. That’s not saying that he will not do an interview from now until Election Day, and we will ask every week, but, you know, we’ll see.”

Wallace’s request to have Biden on the program came on the heels of a wide-ranging and occasionally contentious interview with President Trump that aired July 19.

“The fact is,” Wallace told “Special Report” host Bret Baier the following Monday, “the president is out there. He’s out there in this broiling heat with me for an hour, he took all the questions. You can like his answers or dislike them but he had answers and Joe Biden hasn’t faced that kind of scrutiny, hasn’t faced that kind of exposure.” read more

12 Comments on Chris Wallace challenges Biden to follow Trump on ‘Fox News Sunday,’ says ex-VP must ‘get into game shape’

  1. He will never ever face vigorous questions but we already know that. I am not sure what Chris Wallace is smoking but certainly he knows it too. He is just posturing now.

  2. Corky, I am not so sure. If Biden were out there he would not face scrutiny. However, by hiding in his basement and not facing anyone he is spiting in the MSM’s collective eye. I think it is possible that they will take it as well as they did when Gary Hart challenged them to prove he was having an affair in 1988.

    The MSM is willing to work with the Dems, but the Dems need to work with the MSM.

    This might also open the door for the last minute replacement of Biden by whomever the DNC really wants.

  3. glad Wallace is trying to hold Biden’s feet to the fire … for whatever reason

    this will probably make Team Hiden set up some highly-edited powder-puff interview w/ some fluffer from CNN or MSDNC … which everyone will see through & shake their heads at the gaffs they couldn’t edit

    the clock is ticking & Trump is surging … this just highlights, a little more, that Biden just doesn’t have the chops

  4. Biden be bidin’ his time in his basement.

    It’s a good strategy if you’re an old, demented liar that can’t remember where you are and happen to be running for President from a bankrupt political party.

    Not so good for that party, though.

  5. Here’s the problem with the spawn of Mike Wallace.
    First question of Biden will be, “is your oatmeal heated to your satisfaction, mr Vice President?’

  6. PHenry — Yeah, that’s about it. And, “Can I fluff your pillows for you, Mr. President …uh, I mean Mr. Vice President?”

  7. I think it’s a head fake from Wallace, he knows that Biden will not and can not answer hard questions.
    He is just setting the stage for someone to replace him. Remember he works for the left,so what is his real game plan here.

  8. By what miracle is that senile old fuck supposed to “get in game shape”?
    He’s lucky to have any shape at all.

  9. Just bring along Helga, the Magic Memory Nurse, Joe. She has the needles full of Hi-Test brain starting fluid.

  10. Come’on, Joe. Wallace is trying his best to get into your corner, but you’ve at least got to get into the ring first. History shows an unstated promise for Wallace to take it easy on you, but you’ve got to show up to get his endorsement.

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