Chrissie Teigen Sh#ts Where She Eats

Isn’t it about time Target got rid of Chrissie Teigen?

American Thinker:

By Monica Showalter

Chrissie Teigen, as Andrea Widburg noted here, is joining the growing celebrity cavalcade of woke leftists vowing to bail out “protestors.” She pledged $200,000 to get the looters out of jail, the better to Get Trump, upping her pledge when people on Twitter protested.

It was bizarre stuff, given that she’s already made millions from her shelf space selling her own brand of cookware for Target.

Wasn’t Target … one of the first business to have been trashed utterly by the violent, thieving looters? Hasn’t Target been forced to shut 24 stores in Minnesota alone due to looting?

The footage from the south Minneapolis looting of Target, on the first night of the riots, was utterly appalling. And the destruction from the first night sent the message to all the dirtballs out here that looting was profitable and blue-city authorities would be doing nothing. After that, they hit Target again.

Yet here we have Chrissie, vowing to bail out these very lowlife who perpetrated the problem, too bad about Target and all its lost jobs, as well as availability to people of all income levels including the poor.

Teigen is a pretty disgusting creature to start with, having a really offensive toilet-mouth vocabulary, but she’s popular on television. She’s gotten into altercations with President Trump, who apparently thinks she is just as disgusting as we do.

Target, a woke corporation of liberals, has nevertheless continued to succor her with her own cookware line for sale on its shelves and here she goes to thank them for it and all the millions it’s brought her by offering to bail out the very looters who trashed the Target stores. more here

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  1. Here are my problems with her and Target.

    1. She just told every rioter who destroyed Target’s stores that she was going to use her own money (Target paid her) to bail out, well, everyone who destroyed the stores. Now, somebody’s a moron, here and I wanna say it’s Chrissie, but….Target just took it in the ass and hasn’t said a peep about her.

    2. The fact that she’s throwing money out to bail the rioters means they’re going to continue destroying Targets. Because, free bail.

    3. When Targets were looted, what else did they get besides the hardlines and softlines stuff? Did any of them break down the cash office doors and take receipts with credit card numbers? Checks? What about their HR office?
    Any personal info stolen? Like employee social security numbers, addresses, employee numbers? Their Target credit or debit card numbers?

    How do we know if any Target shopper whether brick and mortar or online hasn’t been financially hacked? Or soon to be hacked?

    Any of you with a Target card better have them destroyed and replaced.
    If you do any shopping online, delete your payment info, change your passwords.

    You may want to email or call them about the risk and do not let them off the hook about it. Make them answer you.
    Oh, and ask them why that sloppy pig still works for them.

  2. Teigan’s just a piece of lowlife trash married to John Legend one of showbiz’s bigger race baiters. After putting on a lot of weight Chrissy’s big claim to fame now is co-hosting (from behind a bench for obvious reasons) some lame-assed tv program showing celebrities in lipsynch battles in front of an audience of trained seals.

  3. We haven’t been in a Target since they started allowing men to use the ladies changing rooms.
    As for Teigen, I know how she is only because of her vile comments and that she apparently eats too much Thai food. I have no idea what she brings to society to make it better other than organ donor perhaps?

  4. Tiegen is a weird looking drunk who swears like trailer trash and shows her boobs every chance she gets.
    Too bad none of these celebs like her and Justin Timberlake and the others giving money to lawless rioters aren’t offering up money to help business owners whose property has been destroyed or any of the innocent people who were beaten by the rioters and ended up in the hospital.

  5. When it comes to Target, I ran out of fucks to give years ago. Karen will need to find a new place to shop.

  6. I sent them an email for exactly the reasons I stated above. Target is a security risk.

    They can read it, they can respond if they want to. But until I see miss piggy’s products pulled, and they guarantee no customer info was compromised, they get no more sympathy from me.


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