Chrissy Teigen breaks down over Epstein accusations, deletes 60K tweets: “I’m Worried For My Family”

Lifezette: Teigen seems oddly unhinged over this topic.

Former supermodel Chrissy Teigen is having an online breakdown right now over the accusations and rumors that she and her husband singer and Trump-hater John Legend flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” to his private island filled with underage girls.

Such rumors that Chrissy and her husband are on the flight manifest have been around for a while, though no evidence has ever surfaced. But now online users are calling her out after Ghislaine Maxwell was captured.

At first, Chrissy batted off the accusations in her usual snarky way, but then she began “protesting too much” and ended up fueling the rumors folks even more. more

31 Comments on Chrissy Teigen breaks down over Epstein accusations, deletes 60K tweets: “I’m Worried For My Family”

  1. This gutter whore confirms on a daily basis, to millions of strangers, who and what she is. NOW she’s worried people may think less of her??

  2. yet another sicko cunt gets her comeuppance via her own liehole.

    too bad those flight logs have gone the same route as the 33k klinton emails so we will never know the truth but it is enough to say that this hollyweird whore stands with the enemies of america so she will eventually get hers.

  3. 🚨 I can’t believe rich and famous Satanic Hollywood people are practicing Canaanite blood and sex magic openly, getting caught then acting shocked they’re getting caught. 🚨

    ⏺ Oh let’s see, Bohemian Grove where there is a giant statue to Molech (Ba’al) and mock ritual fire sacrifices like the Canaanites of old.

    ⏺ And seemingly every rich Hollywood person is banging young gay men, girls, boys, dogs, elephants, and every other starlet had a “miscarriage” meaning, they carried a child to term for sacrifice and to keep their status. Then they film everything and extort people to be quiet, “or else….”

    ⏺ What happens when you beat the snot out of one of the Illuminati’s favorite singers? Why, you get a tattoo of her beat up face on your neck for all to see, or they will have you jump over Mariana’s Trench with concrete shoes.

    Nah, can’t believe it! EYES WIDE SHUT!

  4. Funny how perversion and decadence don’t bother her but exposure does.

    It wasn’t about “family” when she and her husband were jetting off on the “Lolita Express,” was it? Wasn’t about “family” when youngsters were duped into prostitution, was it?

    Do I hear a tiny violin?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. 60,000 Tweets? Holy molly!! That right thar iz all yew need to know!
    This mindless dumbshit treats the internetz like a pinball machine and gets surprised when it sez: *** TILT ***

  6. “I do know she’s proof money can’t buy class.”

    But money DOES buy ass.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. It’s ironic how they hound Trump mercilessly and accuse him of the craziest shit you ever heard. Then, when the shoe is on the other foot and shit hits the fan, they act so indignant. How do you like those apples, babe?

  8. Here is just one of the tweets she deleted about the show Toddler and Tiaras back in 2013….This is the tweet that she slams “conspiracy theorists for”….Who in their right mind would even think let alone write something like this?
    “Seeing little girls do the splits half naked is just … I want to put myself in jail. #toddlersandtiaras.”

  9. I keep getting her confused since I don’t pay attention to popcorn heads.

    crissy tiegen = bloated washed up mutt at 34 who can’t shut up

    Cheryl Tiegs = supermodel that called +size sports illustrated model unhealthy and still attractive at 72 years old.

  10. Anon,

    Maybe she went up to Harvey Weinstein’s room to ‘watch TV’?? She does strike me as the “not too picky/anything for a dollar” type.

  11. A balloon headed gutter snipe and a sawed off aborigine, the perfect hollywood couple.

    By the way, did that asshole name himself?
    Billy Idol, John Legend….very clever and subtle.

  12. I worry for her children too. A mother with that much hate in her heart, on top of being delusional with a big mouth, makes for being unfit.. IMHO.

  13. Both of them are in too deep to get out. This is why she never shuts up about President Trump. They know, he’s cleaning house of all this perversion and now they are as scared as people they abused were.

  14. If you read Q you knew about their little romps with Epstein over a year ago. I’m not a big Q freak. In fact I don’t believe anything I read and only half of what I see, however a lot of what Q was writing back then is starting to come to fruition.


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