Christian Bale is Dick Cheney

Christian Bale certainly puts a lot on the line when he accepts a part.

He’ll play Cheney as a ruthless evil bastard.

Sam Rockwell plays Bush like he’s a dopey goofball.

And Steve Carell plays Donald Rumsfeld as if he’s mildly retarded.

I’m sure the movie is a total hit job, but, still, Bale is always something special.

No, I won’t be paying a dime to see it. I haven’t been to the movies in almost 6 years.

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  1. I hope Cheney has a Defamation law suit teed up. It would be pretty funny if he was able to stop the release of this expensive fabrication.

  2. Hollyweird sure likes churning out those “loss leaders.” ūüôĄ

    Only thing is, you can only write off the flops for SO long, before you go OUT of business! Who’s the treasurer for these studios – Occasional-Cortex?! ūüôĄ

  3. I love it when a movie is hyped as the ‚Äėpreviously untold story‚Äô. This is a newly fabricated lie,and this untold story was untold because it is not true.

    The guy wearing makeup and playing make believe does a pretty good Cheney though. He has his mannerisms and speech pattern down.

  4. Thsee propaganda films malignant seeds by Hollywood psycho useful idiots to pollute kids now and in the future.

    Worse? They get paid a fortune to do them.

  5. I thought the Left loved George W now?? This looks like vintage mid-2000‚Äôs ‚ÄúBush is a stupid playboy‚ÄĚ crap

  6. Meh. Hollywood.
    They are so predictable it’s boring and everything they do bleeds money instead of making any.

  7. …I’m still gonna watch it. Hit piece or no. It seems really well made, and while I’m not a huge Bush fan, I’m also smart enough to tell when Hollywood is churning out lies (when don’t they fuck up actual historical fact or accuracy in their movies btw? I can’t think of a time when they haven’t.)

    I’ll let you guys know what I thought of it when the time comes (i.e when it’s out in theaters.)


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