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Christian Woman Jailed For Insulting Mohammed Is Freed From Death Row

DC: A Christian Pakistani woman has been acquitted of allegedly insulting Mohammed in 2009, freeing her from a potential death sentence which has hung over her for almost a decade.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled Wednesday that Asia Bibi, also known as Aasiya Noreen, is “free to go” after having spent much of her last nine years in solitary confinement.

Bibi was born and raised in Ittan Wali, a small rural village outside of Lahore, Pakistan, near the Indian border. Christians make up less than two percent of the population in Pakistan, where they are often considered inferior by the Muslim majority and given menial jobs. In Bibi’s village, hers was the only Christian family, where she claimed to have been pressured relentlessly by her neighbors to convert to Islam.

On a sweltering June day in 2009, Bibi was picking berries with some of the other women from her village when they asked her to bring them some water. After returning from the well, Bibi claimed, some of the Muslim women refused to drink after her: Her religion had rendered the utensils “unclean.” The incident reportedly led to an argument between the women, during which Bibi was alleged to have insulted the prophet of Islam.

Within days, Bibi was attacked by a mob of incensed Muslims, who beat her brutally and ensured her arrest under Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws. Over a year later, in November 2010, she was formally charged with insulting Mohammed, and sentenced to be hanged. read more

4 Comments on Christian Woman Jailed For Insulting Mohammed Is Freed From Death Row

  1. This woman who has endured nine years of imprisonment for her Christian beliefs is now endangered by her countrymen due their radical ideology. She has shown to be unrepentant for her Christian beliefs and refuses to convert. This is the type of immigrant we should be accepting in our country. A invitation should be extended to her and she should be shown every opportunity to integrate into America.

  2. @moochoman Hit the nail on the head. This would be a great case for a petition to Trump with 100K signatures and GoFundMe site. It would at least highlight what a refugee looks like.

    And as always, Obama was doing what to free her during his administration? Oh, wait. We would rather pay for deserters and swap them for Taliban.

  3. She will be released to the street and lynched (assuming the mob doesn’t rush the process by “storming” the prison with help from the guards), then they will go after Christians throughout the country. Even if she gets out of the country, there will be widespread slaughter. The radicals have too much invested in this. It will not end well. IMHO.


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