Christine Blasey Ford says she will testify to Senate, but she has stipulations

WaTimes:  Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer said Thursday she does want to testify to the Senate next week about her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh, as long as she is given assurances about her safety and the fairness of the proceedings.

But she said Monday won’t work for Ms. Blasey Ford due to security concerns, rejecting the day Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has set for the showdown. Instead, she is eyeing Thursday.

“She wishes to testify, provided that we can agree on terms that are fair and which ensure her safety,” Debra Katz, Ms. Blasey Ford’s attorney wrote in an email to the committee.

Republicans continued to prepare for a hearing, with two sources saying lawmakers were eyeing asking a nonpartisan outside lawyer to conduct the questioning of Ms. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.

That could avoid the spectacle of male senators being forced into a testy back-and-forth with the woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh when they were both high school students.

But one senior Senate aide told The Washington Times, Ms. Blasey Ford prefers to be quizzed by the lawmakers. She also doesn’t want to testify in the same room as Judge Kavanaugh, insists that witnesses she says were present at the time of the attack be subpoenaed and also wishes to have no time limit placed on her opening statement.

“The committee doesn’t issue subpoenas in the process of considering nominations — that is a nonstarter. Other alleged witnesses have made clear they have no intention of testifying,” the senior staffer told The Times. “It only makes sense for the accused to respond to the charges so Judge Kavanaugh would surely follow Dr. Ford.”

It’s not clear whether GOP senators are receptive to her lawyers’ requests for a different date.

“We are happy that Dr. Ford’s attorneys are now engaging with the committee,” Taylor Foy, a spokesman for the committee, told The Associated Press.

The committee’s GOP staff had been trying to reach Ms. Blasey Ford and her lawyers in the days since she went public with her accusation.  more here

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  1. & after all her demands are met, come Wednesday, she will have some other excuse not to testify … it’s the Marxist/progtard m/o

    why? … the Supreme Court opens session on the first Monday in October … get it?

    the strategy is to delay, so every decision of SCOTUS, this coming session is deadlocked … meaning all those lower-court decisions against Trump stand … & the mid-term elections are looming …

  2. The Dimocrats are still actively and openly working on their overt strategy to give voting cover to the five endangered Dim Senators and the four notorious RINO’s by having this lying operative continue her tactics of delay, divisiveness, perfidy, and false allegations!

  3. Hubby just grabbed my ass to make me feel better. He’s such a sweetie. ‘Dr.’ Ford can just f herself and wish she had a real man. Not that she would know one if he . . .

  4. Monday won’t work for Ms. Blasey Ford due to security concerns…..
    What? Soros’ paid protesters don’t work on Monday’s?

    Let’s get this dog and pony show on the road. Spartacus and his sidekick, The Angry Black Chameleon are chomping at the bit to upstage one another.

  5. I sure hope Sen. Grassley realizes there will be another delay next week… and so on….

    Tell Ford, “Thanks for letting us know you are a no-show for Monday” and get on with the vote!

  6. Third wave feminism is the worst kind of collectivist evil. It’s pretty much the #1 risk to Western civilization and the rule of law now. They use and manipulate the desire of good men to protect women, the natural sex drive, and highly coordinated hive mind slander/libel network to terrorize and marginalize any man whom they feel stands in the way of their goal of absolute matriarchal power.

  7. I can hear the circus music playing loudly.

    The damn GOP cowards have lost the battle in negotiating with this ‘nothing burger’ allegation.

    If the lady has the goods on Kavenaugh, then she should not be putting the committee through the three ring circus created by the left. She should be grateful for the Monday meeting. Bill Clinton’s victims are still waiting to be heard.

    Once she is allowed to jerk the reins of the committee, the leftist are gleefully stampeding the whole idea of our government off the cliff of communism.

    The demoncrats only want to delay the nomination until after the “blue wave” election, then Trump will never get things done, because they will have the house and senate back.

    If there is a “blue wave” victory, McConnell needs to change the rules back to what they were before the Reid rule, before December 31.

  8. And she still hasn’t filed a police report. If this is as significant as she claims, and she has irrefutable proof/evidence to prove her claim, she should be compelled to file such a report for anything related to this to be able to continue. Otherwise, it is meaningless, other than to ruin a good man’s life and subvert the choosing of a qualified SC justice.
    Without a formal filing, it is just theatrics and BS. But she also knows the consequences of filing a false report. Vote on Kavanaugh, then the people can vote accordingly in November.

  9. Ya know that Corey Booker Raped me during one of his visits to Rutgers University. It’s completely true! And there were witnesses (even though my witnesses said it didn’t happen)! But it did. Because I need it to be true!
    Ya see how that works!?

  10. Who the F&ck is this scuzz who thinks she gets to set the stipulations upon which a SCOTUS nomination will proceed? Who is the dumbshit who’s letting her get away with this manipulation?

  11. Her accusation if proven untrue is subversion of a government function. Her demands of running the show is just subverting the process further. I’m assuming there has to be some kind of law to address this.


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