Christine Drazan could be the first Republican governor of Oregon in almost 40 years – IOTW Report

Christine Drazan could be the first Republican governor of Oregon in almost 40 years

Deseret News-

With only six weeks to go before Election Day, polls show Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan is in a dead heat with the Democratic candidate as she tries to pull off an unlikely win in the race to lead Oregon. The November general election features Drazan, Democratic nominee Tina Kotek, and independent Betsy Johnson in one of the nation’s only all-women races, among serious contenders. 

The Oregonian published a new poll conducted over the weekend showing Drazan capturing 32% of likely Oregon voters’ support, while Kotek sits at 31% and Johnson has the support of 18% of voters. The poll found nearly 15% of Oregon voters remain undecided. 

Drazan’s statistical tie with Kotek shows there is a chance Oregonians could elect their first Republican governor since 1982. The women are familiar adversaries, after serving in the Oregon Legislature together over the past several years. Kotek served as the House Speaker in the Democrat-dominated Oregon Legislature, while Drazan led the Republican opposition as the minority leader. more here

11 Comments on Christine Drazan could be the first Republican governor of Oregon in almost 40 years

  1. Hehe, wouldn’t that be something! Too bad dominion won’t allow it.

  2. She’s a republican, not a conservative. Still, anything’s better than a full fledged Marxist. Unfortunately, the Marxists count the votes in the most populous areas.

  3. Also, no Dominion machines in Oregon, last I checked. They don’t need them here. All mail in voting for many years.

  4. Assuming she does win, she’ll need to do what Trump didn’t do, and that’s some serious house-cleaning. The state agencies are slopping over with commie fucktards that will monkey-wrench anything she tries to do.

  5. In WA state, I’m hoping Tiffany Smiley can defeat Patty “Mom in Tennis Shoes” Murray. We are all mail in ballots so… 🤷‍♀️ …we’ll see.

  6. If you are not in the hospital or stationed overseas, there should not be any mail in voting.

  7. Illustr8r, the democraps are running extremely negative ads against Tiffany Smiley, they’re running scared and hope that enough stupid people in our state will vote for Patty Murray and believe their bs. We may actually have a legitimate chance this year to get of Patty Murray after 30 years, she doesn’t need another 6 years. I am cautiously optimistic this year and praying and hoping and praying for Tiffany Smiley to win, but we’ll see.

  8. Yes they cheat every time if needed. That’s why Multnomah county always reports last.
    Also the left are well organized and well funded with door-to-door full color brochures on how to vote in all the section 8 areas and low income.


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