Chuck Norris: Opting for a low-tech holiday season

BPR: I could be wrong, but it seems that with each passing year, it becomes harder and harder for us to properly reflect on the true meaning of what that good old holiday spirit signifies. Such reflection can be essential in realigning us with our spiritual selves and is an integral component to maintaining overall wellbeing.

A sign of this disconnect can be seen in our dwindling loss of a sense of empathy. According to one study from the University of Michigan, today we care for others about 40% less than people in the 1980s did. In today’s digital era, from Twitter to Facebook and everything in between, rudeness has become the new normal.

The problem is that those on the receiving end can take it so personally, despite the fact that, in reality, rude attacks say far more about the sender than the receiver. “People appreciate diplomacy. People appreciate being respected and heard. That’s why rudeness has such an effect on us psychologically,” says bestselling author on the subject Danny Wallace. “We feel immediately dismissed, put-upon, disrespected … Rudeness spreads like a cold,” he adds. “Even witnessing rudeness is enough for us to become infected.”

Wallace adds that, as a threat to mental and physical health, we have yet to take rudeness seriously enough. It is a concern that the men who invented the internet 50 years ago would likely now agree with. According to a report in Fast Company magazine, they are not very pleased with their creation today. read more

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  1. We live in a narcissistic society (at least younger generations do). It’s been created by design so it destroys itself. The fascist leftists who crafted this monstrosity are waiting in the wings to jump in and take over in the chaos. Remember what odumbo’s first Thief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel’s statement: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

  2. One Hundred years ago most people belonged to two or three fraternal or benevolent groups. They gave their time to be near likeminded others. Not much to do in Boise outlying areas in 1919
    The computer has cut out the need to gather in person, so social graces are all but forgotten.
    Bringing back the duel will fix a lot of that

  3. Fixin to out my money where my mouth is..after I move in July I will join a quilting bee and no longer grace you all with my presence :). And yes I am totally serious (and not an old lady either). real life is more rewarding!


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