Chuck Schumer Staffer’s History of ‘Homophobic Tweets’ Exposed

Neon Nettle-

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Deputy Director of Digital Media has a colorful history of anti-gay posts on Twitter.

Caroline Burns wrote several anti-gay posts, which included ones using the word “faggot,” according to the National Pulse.

Burns has worked in the office of New York Senator Chuck Schumer for over ten years.

The news of the homophobic tweets is more notable because Schumer has regularly criticized Republicans for allegedly attacking LGBTQ people. more here

14 Comments on Chuck Schumer Staffer’s History of ‘Homophobic Tweets’ Exposed

  1. “homophobic?”

    Not perceiving much fear.
    Doesn’t seem to like faggots – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. They never learn that the cancerous cancel culture will eventually come for everyone. No one should be persecuted for comments they made a decade ago. I’m sure she however would not be that generous to someone she disagrees with.

  3. She’s a diamond in the rough – a liberal with a minimum of good sense.

    Liberal women are usually staunch allies of the queer faggots.

  4. Cryin Chuckie Schumer has accepted pay-outs by the pedophile and child seks trafficker Epstein during the 1990s until Epstein was suicided. Don’t be fooled by Schumer who is a known child raypist and human trafficker who’s being paid by collaborators to allow the sinister goings-on in his state. Schumer was long ago “chosen” by the warped and twisted to open up those doors and keep them opened.

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