Chuck Schumer Thanks Trump For Moving Embassy To Jerusalem

DC: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer applauded President Donald Trump on Monday for keeping his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The new embassy in Jerusalem opened on Monday with a large ceremony attended by Republican lawmakers, Ivanka and Jared Trump, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and others.

According to NBC, Schumer said that moving the embassy to the capital of Israel was a “long overdue move” and thanked Trump for his leadership on the issue.  more here

23 Comments on Chuck Schumer Thanks Trump For Moving Embassy To Jerusalem

  1. Good. I wish this were the beginning of the end of the nasty partisanship we have been experiencing, but I don’t set my hopes too high.

  2. Notice that over the past couple of days,there has been a coordinated,lock-step move by the left and its propaganda wing, the msm, to back off the relentless Trump hate.

    The word has gone out through the hive that it’s costing them votes and (in the case of the media conglomerates) money.

  3. As the ceremony was shown Live on American TV… MSNBC decided to cover and incite the protesters.
    See a pattern here with NBC?
    NBC wants War, Death and Destruction.
    They are EVIL LIVE.
    See THEM for who THEY are.
    Everyone that works, writes or plays for NBC . . .
    Painful Karma reckonings are forecast.
    Sooner or Later. They bet their Lives on it.

  4. Is Schumer losing support with the Jewish voters?
    He doesn’t do anything that isn’t self serving.

  5. I heard schumcky reading a statement where he takes credit for it by informing us that he once wrote a bill while in the house asking for the move.

    as ferdberfle says….watch his other hand.

    he isn’t thanking trump so much as taking credit for it.

  6. It is difficult to play identity politics for votes
    – Do I lose the Jewish vote, the ones that kind of care about Israel?
    – Do I lose the Palestinian vote, and the Jewish voters that hate Israel as much as American liberals hate America?

  7. a real endorsement would have been him attending the ceremony in Jerusalem today. But he didnt and neither did any donkeycrat senator or congressweasel.

  8. Pork in the treetops.

    Polls and focus groups must be telling the Dems the obvious.

    There’s a Trump Wave coming in November.

  9. NBC saying LIVE on Air that it is not fair only Palestinians are dead in Palestinian DEATH FIRST protests.
    NBC wants War, Death and Destruction.
    See THEM for who THEY are.
    They seed it. They feed it. They stoke it.
    NBC is behind stage craft witch craft.
    Now I understand.
    Now I see why Salem had Witch Trials.
    They may not be real Witches, but then again, THEY MIGHT.
    Katy Turd went full tilt asking LIVE fireworks was actually shelling of innocent PLO protestors.

  10. Yeah, it happened, no thanks to you, Schmucky boy! And why didn’t you bother to go??? And the rest of your bastard Dummycrat cohorts???


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