Chuck Todd, ladies and gentlemen…

NBC’s Chuck Todd Doesn’t Understand Good Friday.

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  1. This is like Kathleen Parker’s (of the Wash. Post) assessment of Ted Cruz asking the “body of Christ” to “rise up and support him.” She wondered why anyone would expect Jesus to rise from the dead to serve Ted Cruz.

    No such comment/tweet would have been conceived in the first place about any aspect of Islamic observations. Any faux pas there would certainly be followed with deep apology, had it happened.

  2. It’s a good thing that even Chuck Todd is subject to God’s mercy and grace even though he’s an idiot. Chuck, God even loves you as he does all the rest of us screwed up, messed up people. That’s the good news if you accept it, go ahead and try it, you might even become a better person.

  3. Well, I can’t really talk…

    We used to make the kids do yard work on Easter.

    Told them “If the Lord can get up and move a rock, so can you”!

    Happy Easter!

  4. I guess the whole, “It’s called Good Friday because Jesus died for our sins on that day” thing just must’ve flown over his tiny little brain.

    How much you wanna be he’s gonna hide behind the ‘hey I was born jewish!’ card?

  5. Chuck, God doesn’t do random acts of hokey kindness, all his acts are deliberate and intentional unlike liberals who think you can make everything better just by having good intentions.

  6. He must have grown up with some weird idea in his head about Good Friday, and never had anybody set him straight. Now he’s gone and skinned his ignorance. Kind of like Katie Couric and the Dutch ice commuters. How long did she live with that delusion? Life in the bubble, I reckon.

  7. Twitter: allowing every ejit an opportunity at fifteen minutes of shame…
    Father, forgive him, he knows not…

  8. These motherfuckers are atheists and the Pope is on their side, and I am confused, and really I am not confused: I just don’t give a fuck anymore.
    What with the Pope, the dope, there is no hell! There is no right or wrong? Gimmeafuckenbreak!

  9. We never got a break from chores around the house, even during holidays.

    We thought of it as extra time to get something done. Then we relaxed.

  10. And a Network News agency pays Chuck Toad MILLION$ to read tripe on the TV that’s supposed to elucidate the world for me.
    Thanks alot for that!

  11. Here’s something else. Erik Erickson thinks people on Twitter were very stupid for being mad at Chuck Todd because Chuck Todd made a good point.

    LOL. Erickson and Todd are intellectual twins.

  12. Hugh Hewitt, this is your boy Chuck. Remember this every time you have him on your show for his opinions.

  13. I wonder if he went up to his Jewish co-workers and said, “‘The PASSOVER?’ Shouldn’t it be more appropriately be called, ‘The INTERCEPTION?'” 🙄

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