Chuckie Lets it Slip – Says Who She is REALLY WORKING FOR

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  1. “…I love working for President Oba…” was the only truthful thing she said in that clip. Everything else was utter bullshit.

  2. She’ll be quitting after the midterms for sure. Probably well before that. Even stone-cold, lying sociopaths have their breaking point.

  3. I’ll bet if we were able to see the visitor logs from Jackass Joe’s Delaware “White House” we’d see the Øbamboozler’s name on it quite a few times!

  4. Who went thru more personnel in his term as President? Trump went thru more personnel than any other President in modern history, People could not stand to work with &/or for him. This is also why he goes thru so many attorneys.

  5. No f’ing way is Barack the mastermind behind this. Also no f’ing way that was a slip. The clean, articulate African American from the storybook was no less a puppet than Walter the Usurper is today. And the actual people who’ve been fundamentally transforming America since 2009 would love to have people believe it was actually Barry Hussein that was running things. Let me lend you a clue–he’s not.

  6. If Joe had any spine any pride any balls or original ideas for the direction of this country he wouldn’t have become Obama and Soros’s puppet. It’s the idea of being president Joe loves,he wanted and got but being a puppet president isn’t working out for Joe because he can’t keep his mouth shut and walk the line and his ignorance and mean spiteful nature is showing and I don’t really believe Joe is for everything he’s pushing. But hey Obo… I mean Joe is the president. Although he’ll probably be the worst in history. And then there’s Kamala ha.

  7. The only reason President Trump went through so many, is because the left tortured every single one of the people who worked for him so horribly that they couldn’t handle it. The left is the enemy of the country.

  8. Anonymous, Trump may have churned through deep state plants, but here you are, clinging bitterly. You can’t quit Trump, can you? lololooool

  9. She loves “listening to what’s on his mind”? What do you do with the other 7 hours, 59 minutes of your work day?

  10. Obama is too fucking lazy and too fucking dumb to be the mastermind. He also is a puppet, willing to sell out the country who gave the WH two times to the magic Negro. What a goddamn ingrate.

    Obama will never have love or loyalty for this country, as he will always be a grifter, a Kenyan-Indonesian-Muslim, ineligible by birth, and ineligible by temperament and brains to be president.
    But why rehash old arguments? Now we have Biden, ineligible to be President due to the massive fraud and cheating by the same people who installed Zero.
    The downfall of the USA is by design. Even the never-Trumpers can see it.

  11. In Nov 2020 Obama said what he planned to do.
    Obama and other Soros/ Commie minions are in the Oval Office. Why do you think Joe gives speeches from a fake tv set?

    Pelosi said the other day she looks forward to bringing up Obama’s Build Back Better bill.

    Joe is a puppet.

  12. ^ @ Anon
    Have you noticed that ‘psycho Anon’ always gets one thumbs up. You know they are giving it to themselves. What a loser!

  13. A Libotomy can be reversed Anonymous, but you have to ask for help. Don’t wait until the next election. Your TDS may be fatal by then.

  14. @Hambone – “…Have you noticed that ‘psycho Anon’ always gets one thumbs up. You know they are giving it to themselves. What a loser!…”

    You are correct. There is an unspoken etiquette that no real commenter gives him or herself a TU – even if it means scoring a goose egg. In fact you could probably psychoanalyze a person’s need to give himself recognition when it is undeserved.

  15. In pre-historic times, I would give Hiney the occasional thumbs up. I wanted him to think he might have a secret ally, so he’d be encouraged to keep spouting his inanities.

  16. I gotta give anon one for that.
    The only reason a republican would wade their fat a$$ into the swamp is strictly for the money.

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