Church Is Essential

With many church’s planning to open this week, President Trump’s declaration is timely.

Trump Declares Worship ‘Essential’,
Orders States to Allow Churches to Reopen

Liberty Hub – There have been no shortage of heated arguments as of late on the subject of our current pandemic lockdowns.

Some believe that we’re not quite ready for concerts and packed restaurants, while others want to know why grocery stores are essential but schools are not? These arguments have been spun six ways to Sunday via the infotainment industry and social media, and we as Americans have grown irritated and ugly with one another on account of this.

No segment of this debate was more heated than when we spoke of religion and religious services. The animosity grew so ill at one point that a church in Mississippi was razed by lockdown loyalists, complete with a condescending note at the scene of the crime calling the parishioners out for gathering during quarantine.

President Trump has taken action today that should clear up any confusion on the subject.

President Trump on Friday announced that new Centers for Disease Control guidance will classify houses of worship as “essential,” as he called on governors to allow them to open “right now” after being closed during the coronavirus lockdowns.

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6 Comments on Church Is Essential

  1. A repeat of this post at another article:

    I haven’t seen a single word or picture about how the Muslims are handling the edicts of shutdown during Ramadan. Guess the mosques are closed and they are practicing social distancing without qualm

  2. Many churches will open up regardless of what their governors have to say, many on May 31st. Pentecost will be interesting; a bit more meaningful this year, perhaps, for some people.

    My church will open.

  3. The entire purpose of the shutdown it to isolate and alienate us and set us against one another.

    Church attendance and worship services will work against that so they will be eliminated or mitigated to whatever extent possible by those in high places.

    Do people not understand what is taking place, and why?

  4. DESTROYING the church is essential – if you are the Chi-Comms or one of their American-owned treasonous vassals.

    Who wants to bet kamala harris has sucked Xi’s dick?

  5. In the grand scheme of things… all else is nonessential, looking after your immortal soul is the only thing that is so essential that in comparison all else shrinks to insignificance.


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