CIA chief: U.S. knew of ISIS plot days before Paris attacks – IOTW Report

CIA chief: U.S. knew of ISIS plot days before Paris attacks

WaTimes: The head of the CIA says American spies


knew the Islamic State terror group was plotting an attack days before militants slaughtered 130 people in Paris last year.

CIA director John Brennan told CBS’s “60 Minutes” that the “system was blinking red” shortly before the terrorists launched a string of gun and bomb attacks in the French capital on Nov. 13.

He said the CIA was aware of the impending attacks, but was unable to intercept messages the terrorists were using to plot the massacre because of new cellphone-encryption technology. read more

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  1. Why would the CIA say this on 60 Minutes? To build public support for doing away with Apple encryption – the only cell phone to my knowledge that has not let the government view your cell phone contents at will. All the android phones do.

    More Big Brother will keep you safe nonsense. In France, they’ve found more bombs and ammunition in mosques in 15 days than they normally find in the entire country in one year. Either infiltrate the mosques or kick out those associated with terrorism and you don’t need to read the contents of phones of every person in the world.

  2. They have no intention of stopping ISIS, the Sword of izlam.

    The High and Mighty Caliph Obola (Reggie be Upon him) will not allow such sacrilege.

    And why would Brennan admit that there exist codes that the CIA is unable to break? Or is it a red herring?

  3. Bull. The CIA might or might not have known something was afoot but no way did encryption block their attempts to stop it.

  4. Please note that Brennan is claiming the CIA could have stopped the Paris attack if only it could break into Apple phones anywhere, anytime without a warrant at the same time the news is reporting the government suing Apple to force anytime access.

    Today it’s also reported that the government sued to get information out of the San Bernardino murderer’s Apple phones – which is as it should be. A warrant based on clear reasons for suspicion. If they had vetted the woman they would have stopped the attack completely.

    It’s no coincidence the government is trying to manipulate the public into giving up all 4th amendment rights.

  5. I caught part of this interview.
    I believe the asshole Brennan was also wringing his hands about waterboarding…”It’s not who we are” canard.

    In a just world, this prick dies first during the next terrorist attack.

  6. “It’s no coincidence the government is trying to manipulate the public into giving up all 4th amendment rights”. Exactly! They see us all as one big giant head to eff with.

  7. So, what’s more important? My freedom and privacy or the war on terror?

    Let’s go down a third path, rather than ask that question. How about if we take a tip from Kipling and keep east and west apart. Let’s keep the Muslims in THEIR countries, and we in the West will stay in ours? If we visit each other, we will submit to the others’ rules, laws and cultures. Otherwise, “east is east and west is west, and ne’er the twain shall meet”.

    Then, the CIA, MI5, DGSE and FSB won’t need to look at my stuff or listen in on my calls to keep the Religion of Peace from murdering anyone. No more raping of kids, no more sh!tting in public pools, no more honor killings in Dearborn, and so forth.

    Problem solved. No, make that many problems solved.

    Next: The f*****g Designated Hitter….

  8. Don’t cry foul now Brennan when you have the technology already gift wrapped and free for you had you bothered to vet these monsters via social media.

  9. A former member of the House of Representatives spoke at our church on Sunday. He said the CIA Director (Brennan) is a Muslim convert, who wouldn’t touch a Bible, so he was sworn in on a constitution. I thought that sounded crazy, so I looked it up. It’s true!

  10. He is probably lying. They probably didn’t have a clue. But they can’t admit that they either:

    A) Didn’t see this coming, despite the terrorists using unencrypted text messages, and all of the invasive spying – at home (gutting the 4th Amendment), and abroad, OR

    B) They did see it coming, and said nothing because the attacks would be politically advantageous – either to them, or to the US government.

    Either way, they look bad – and they deserve to look bad.

  11. @billyfuster – Henry Louis Mencken had something to say about that:

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace in a continual state of alarm (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing them with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

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