CIA Declassifies Soviet Jokes

It seems that during the Gorbachev Era the CIA collected jokes from behind the Iron Curtain. They did this in order to get a better reading of how the average Russian felt about their government.

The declassified document. ( link Here )

Finding humor in their situation is a tradition in Russia going back to the Czars and still being used today. (Moscow Times)  Here

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  1. One of my favorites comes from “the lives of others”

    Gorbachev wakes up one morning just as the sun is rising the sun says “Good morning Mr Gorbachev” Gorbachev nods and smiles. A little bit after noon Gorbachev walks in the red square the sun says Good afternoon Mr Gorbachev. Gorbachev smiles and nods. That night as the sun sets Gorbachev looks at the sun and says “aren’t you going to wish me a good evening ?” The sun replies “Screw you I am in the west now!”

  2. Natasha is meeting Boris in Red Square after very long covert mission to U.S. Natasha gives him big squeeze and remarks “Boris! Is pistol in pocket or you are happy to see me?”
    Then is loud bang and Natasha falls dead to the cobblestone.
    Was pistol.

  3. Putin gets a visit one night from the ghost of Stalin one night, the ghost says ‘PUTIN I have two pieces of advice for you 1) Kill all of your political enemies 2) paint the Red Square blue.” Putin replies “why blue?’


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