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A woman in her 20s who attended a midnight premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” in California may have exposed the opening night audience to measles, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The woman, who lives in Placentia, contracted the illness while traveling overseas, KTLA reported. She was not aware she was sick when she attended a showing of the blockbuster movie in Fullerton, the station said. More


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  1. Born in 1946, we just got measles, mumps, and chicken pox. We got our natural immunity after getting the diseases.

  2. Anon…that’s true but polio was a different story. That was something to take seriously.

  3. I don’t get this. The vast teeming majority of Americans get measles shots as kids. Is exposure dangerous?

  4. I’ve been told getting Mumps as an adult is a bad thing. The real reason to prefer getting it as a child.

    Polio and Measles can be cured with a high dosage regimen of Vitamin C.

    A study done on Polio took 60 cases and cured all 60 with Vit C.


    Unlike oral polio vaccination, vitamin C has never caused polio. Yet how many people have you met, physicians included, who know vitamin C has been known to prevent and cure poliomyelitis for nearly 70 years? It was never really a secret. On September 18, 1939, Time magazine reported that “Last week, at the Manhattan meeting of the International Congress for Microbiology, two new clues turned up. (One is) Vitamin C.” (9) The article describes how Jungeblut, while studying statistics of the 1938 Australian polio epidemic, deduced that low vitamin C status was associated with the disease

    Worried about measles? Take 10 grams of Vit C a day (2 grams 5 times a day) and watch it dry up in two days. Take that amount every day and you are healing veins, cartilage, and several other parts that break down as we age. You are also protecting yourself against a slew of other possible problems. Vit C is anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-venomous .

    Yes – get bit by a rattler and start intravenous treatment in the E.R. ASAP ! Much higher amounts in that scenario.

    Vitamin C Antidote to all known toxins Thomas Levy, MD – even SNAKEBITE! VIRAL VIRUS BACTERIAL

  5. @Aaron Burr, I heard on a radio news report that the previous type of vaccines (not live) are now known to have been ineffective. Info I just looked up (including testing to see if you’re immune, which I didn’t know was a thing):

    “Q: Do people who got the killed measles vaccine in the 1960s need to be revaccinated with the current, live measles vaccine?

    A: Yes, people who know they got the killed measles vaccine (an earlier formulation of measles vaccine that is no longer used) should talk to their doctor about getting revaccinated with the current, live measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

    Not many people fall into this group; the killed vaccine was given to less than 1 million people between 1963 and 1968. Also, most people don’t know if they got the killed vaccine during this time. If you’re unsure whether you fall into this group, you could ask your doctor to test your blood to determine whether you’re immune. Or you can just get a dose of MMR vaccine. There is no harm in getting another dose of MMR vaccine if you may already be immune to measles (or mumps or rubella).”

  6. Thank you Lisl for the plethora of information. My take away from all that is “punch an anti-vaxxer”.

    On it.

  7. @Tuesday May 2, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    > Yeah, right, didn’t know.

    But it was the midnight premiere!
    Of Avengers… something!
    And she’s got super plague power!
    Disney Princesses rule!

  8. @Aaron Burr, re: anti-vaxxers, I hear you. The most cringeworthy ones of all are the ones who get their info from Jenny McCarthy.

  9. Your brain needs that Vitamin-C to detoxify itself every night. It’s known as a “clear head in the morning.” Now, where did I put my coffee cup…?

  10. Claudia, Be aware, with the usual Vit C off the shelf, of bowel irritation when taken on an empty stomach. Loose stool.

    When I’m in a megadose cycle, I take 2-4 right AFTER I finish eating. Never have a loose stool problem then.

    Liposomal Vit C (fat encapsulated) prevents any bowel irritation – even on an empty stomach. It also delivers more of the C directly to the cells. So it’s like taking much more of the off-the-shelf form without the negative of irritation.

    Only get Liposomal if you’re serious about getting many grams-worth in your system in a day. Not so cheap. I’ll do both forms during a megacycle, 2-4 after a meal and liposomal whenever I want between meals.

    Also – it may cure a lot – but it needs to be a regular, daily, thing to keep the benefits going. Maintenance can be done at lower levels, but 10 grams is what I shoot for every day.

    My price is a good hug if we ever meet. No checks or cash allowed!


  11. Dadof4, Will check the cost for Liposomal. I may just get the usual Vit C and take it after meals, no problem.

    It was interesting what Dr. Levy said, in the video, about calcium and the problems (toxicity) outweighing the benefits. I’ve been thinking of starting to take it, but guess not now.

    Your bill – oh, goodie; I give good hugs! Deal!

  12. Hey…Wait just one minute! Are you insuating that a bunch of orthodox Jews came all the way from New York City to Sacramento to spread measles? As we all know, the measles epidemic in the sanctuary of NYC was brought about by these people as the city government explained to us.


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