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Citizens create veteran nonprofit organizations

WashingtonTimes: As lapses in support from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs continue to plague these veterans, the presence of nonprofit organizations has been increasing and aiding veterans in the meeting of their immediate and long-term needs.

In fact, since the turn of the century, veteran nonprofit organizations have been growing at extraordinary rates, and it is estimated that over 46,000 nonprofit organizations are directly dedicated to serving the needs of veterans in the U.S. more

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  1. Well I hit more and it blew up my I phone. So I’ll throw this in. Wounded Warrior delivers 42 cents on the dollar and the guy that runs it is reportedly anti gun and even anti knife. He’s pulling 300k plus salary out of wounded warrior. Do your research. There’s a lot of people and organizations out there actually trying to help.

  2. Turn it over to people who care instead of government parasites.
    Unfortunately the sad fact is that any time there is significant money involved, con-men, MBAs and lawyers will figure out how to get a piece of it.

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