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Citrus Mezcal


I received this in an E-mail I get from Campbell’s.

I’ll include here for you so you can post it on the site.

With warmer weather coming, some of the iOTWers may like this in the evening or on weekends when they are relaxing.

Take Care,


I can’t wait to see the comments after I ask, “what are your alcoholic beverage recipes?”

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  1. I don’t know whether that V8 comes in a can or a bottle. A general recommendation: do not drink anything acidic that comes in a can, other than soda. The inside of the can corrodes and V8 vegetable juice is the absolute worst. Canned wine (a relatively new thing) also has this problem. It has something to do with the canning process. A friend is working on a solution.

  2. And here I was looking forward to a “Shirley Temple” later this evening…

    With or without the little umbrella and fruit…

  3. LCD,
    “Canned wine (a relatively new thing)”.
    Ummmm, ever heard of “Hiney Wines, in the pop top can”? Been around since the 80s, IIRC.

  4. Thought it was going to say: Throw all that crap away and drink the Mezcal.

    Oh, well …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. From the days of my youth when all of the high-school girls were into Wine Coolers

    Bird Alive
    Mix up Five Alive according to the directions on the can stir in a bottle of Thunderbird.

    Or Thunder Chicken the alternative, just ins case they are our of Five Alive

    Bird Alive
    A couple half-gallon bottles of Sunny D and a bottle of Thunder Bird

  6. Mezcal compares to Tequila
    Scotch compares to Irish Whisky
    The best Mezcal comes from Oaxaca
    Mezcal can be served with a slice of Orange & Sal Guzano

  7. My take on the classid mule is a Meyer Mule
    crushed ice
    ginger beer
    Meyer lemoncello (made from my own lemons and contraband Everclear that somehow appeared in my California pantry)

  8. Everclear straight or mixed with 101 vodka and maybe Hawaiian Punch to minimize the vomiting. Chase it with Bud if you really insist.

    That’s it.

    I didn’t fuck around when I was drinking, I just wanted to end up on the floor in the quickest way possible. Since I was an angry drunk, sometimes it wasn’t fast enough to keep me out of drunken knife fights.

    Starting at 15.

    Thats why I quit drinking as a kid, because I wasn’t going to make it to 23 if I didn’t.

    Later, when I sobered up and started transporting emergent patients, I got to see end-stage hepatic failures, florid delirium tremens, and this really wonderful burst panceratic psuedocyst thing that causes such a screaming case of peritonitis that they need to slice the belly open, scoop out the liquid with a soup ladle, repair where the cyst broke, and basically leave it open to dry and drain out, althogh I’m told they can use a literal zipper to make it easier to go back in and scoop out more if need be.

    They don’t call it an inter-abdominal catastrophe for nothing.

    And it definitely interferes with your car wreck response, although it was my experience that the drunk was more likely to live than the folks he hit. Kinda depended on WHAT he hit. One time I had to crawl into the broken windshield of an upside-dowm car and I knew the guy liked Miller because of all the empty cans now on the roof (inverted, remember), and he’d thrown up, but since he somehow rememberd to put a seat belt on the only real damage he had was he’d cut his finger on some broken steering wheel trim. I had to keep him from releasing himself and falling head first onto the headliner because he didn’t really understand his situation, but once we’d cribbed the car, packaged him, cut the door off, and handled him out, he was pretty much all right.

    Better than the drunken guy who got in front of a semi within lights not working one night, which knocked him into the center lane of the freeway, where he got run over by 5 other cars and ended up going to the hospital…well, morgue, but hospital FIRST to get pronounced…in several convenient fluid containment bags.

    But my father-in-law was pretty straightforward about HIS drinkds, too. He specialized in whiskey and beer, lots of both for many many years, which was the proximate cause of the cardiomyopathy that killed him in his 60s. They were able to save a few lives when they parted him out, so there’s that, but his liver and heart were pretty much trashed.

    …good times, good times…


    Can’t say I recommend it.

    …but that’s just me.

    …Party on Garth, party on…

  9. SNS, the gusto life!

    As Robin Williams said, It’s three AM and you’re pissing on a dumpster in an alley…”

    I retired not quite forty eight years ago having used up my ration, but don’t think that’s where this thread was supposed to be going.

    Those that can, enjoy. Those like you and I not so much.

  10. I belong to a book and wine club and our monthly meeting is tonight at a local microbrewery. I am the only one who doesn’t drink, I go to the meetings because I like being with my friends but I don’t drink and everyone in the book club is OK with that. I had to learn the hard way about drinking and it wasn’t pretty, especially when I was in the Navy and some so called friends got me drunk as a skunk after drinking about 13 rum and cokes in a period of couple hrs. in Olongapo City in the Philippines. I don’t know how I made it back to the Kitty Hawk that night except that a friend found me and helped me get back to the ship. And I spent the whole next day worshipping the porcelain gods sicker than snot. I think the last time I was drunk was in 1980 when I graduated from EWU In June of that year. After that I gave up drinking and haven’t missed it one damn bit.

  11. Anymouse, or pissing in a sink at a Pizza Hut just outside of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on our way to the EM club on base drunkingly singing loudly with a couple of friends, We all live on a gray piece of shit to the tune of Yellow Submarine. At the EM club a fight broke out between our sailors, The Brits and some Aussies who were there as part of a joint sea exercise off of Hawaii. My friends and I skedaddled out just ahead of the Shore Patrol coming to break up the fight by crawling out on our hands and knees to get the hell out of there.

  12. Interesting thread but I have little to contribute since I have never had an alcoholic drink. Don’t like the smell or some of the side effects suffered by my drinking friends. But I make a great designated driver!

  13. lolol!

    OK I recently had a small amount of Limoncello. WOW! It’s like LemonHeads candy with wooooooooo boy! 😁 I had Limoncello cake. I like that better. lol.

  14. This Texan –
    I don’t drink, either. I like to keep my head on a swivel and don’t like not being in control. That’s why I only ‘taste’ liquor and prefer it in desserts. haha.

  15. Perhaps a zoom meeting devoted to “the stories.” Too many and too long for here…
    Probably inappropriate.
    And yes people died.

    The wonderful PI
    Black shoe got thrown off the bus at the wrong time while rolling at a good clip. Had worn out his welcome and unfortunately the road sign and his head met. Wasn’t there for that one, but my civilian fun in southern IL could be worse. Places like a town called Shawneetown. Interesting basic training in drinking with the townies that for some reason accepted this boy from Shitcago and watched out for me.
    Looked at some of this and…
    Edited before I hit “POST COMMENT.”

  16. I quit drinking. Last drink was Christmas, the one before that was Thanksgiving.

    Considering I was polishing off a half gallon of vodka every 3-4 days, or a 24 pack of beer in less time, I’ve made some strides…

    Kombucha and vodka is good though.

  17. My drink of choice these days (nearly 21 years of days one at a time)is coffee — morning til bedtime. That cocktail sounds lovely but my sparkling personality would disappear after the second or third or fourth or tenth… and frankly there would have been too much fruit and juice and other crap in there. I am remembering (foggily)nights with many shots of tequila. Remember the sick too.

    But I love that normal drinkers can enjoy something so festive.

  18. Anymouse
    MARCH 11, 2021 AT 6:01 PM

    “As Robin Williams said, It’s three AM and you’re pissing on a dumpster in an alley…””

    …at 3AM in my drinking days, actually having a TARGET to pee on was way too formal for me…

  19. Just don’t be like the poor Russian guy that Paul Harvey talked about once who was drunk and it was below zero outside and he pissed too closely on a corrugated metal fence and got his wanger stuck. I laughed real hard when I heard that story.

  20. I was watching a live video of comedian Ron White last night. If any of you know about him, you know how much he drinks. He said on the video that he is 52 days sober. I thought the world had come to an end. Proud of him, and I hope it sticks.

  21. Moonshine for me. The real thing, not the crap that is sold off the shelf. No flavoring, just good old Tennessee corn liquor. In a Mason jar, 110 to 120 proof. Best drink ever! The cure for whatever might ail you. Probably why not one person in my family ever caught the Chairman Xi flu!

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