City Councilwoman In Vermont Wants Her City’s Police Disarmed

Bearing Arms:

Last week, the dangerous lives of police officers were put on display for all the world. Six officers were shot in Philadelphia trying to serve a warrant, showing just how dangerous police work can be.

Apparently, also last week, a lawmaker in Burlington, Vermont wants to disarm police in the city.

A Burlington City Councilor is mulling over whether police officers in the Queen City should be disarmed.

“How much is the lethal force — is it really causing at the end of the day, more harm than benefit?,” said Perri Freeman, a progressive representing the Central District.

She brought up the idea at a recent council meeting, saying communities should be thinking about new ways of policing in the United States. Freeman spent time in Iceland, where police are often unarmed, according to an article in The Washington Post.

Freeman argues there are times when police do need weapons, citing the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, but added that “the day in and day out of police work is not engaging with that.”

She hopes to change the culture of policing, calling current practices a reaction to systemic problems like inequality.

All me to just say that Freeman is a complete and total idiot.

No, the day-in, day-out of policing doesn’t require a firearm. However, the thing about police work is that you never know when the job will require it.

Freeman invokes mass shootings and things of that sort, but most officer-involved shootings are something different entirely. They’re the wanted felon pulled over on a traffic stop. They’re the officers showing up to a domestic violence call and not knowing quite what to expect. In reality, they’re any number of times when the police roll up to a scene to do their jobs and things suddenly go south on them.

What Freeman doesn’t understand, though, is the police don’t get to pick when they need to be armed. more

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  1. 31 flavors of… DUMBASSS!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  2. Just once, I wish one of these idiots would get held up, get roughed up a little and by chance an innocent bystander, with CCW, is there to save the day. Then have to face the music and admit a gun saved their life (yeah, they would never admit to it, but at least we would know the truth).

  3. Caller: Help. My neighbor is trying to break into my apartment, he has a gun, and he’s threatening to shoot me after raping me.

    911: Please hold on the line. We are dispatching officers to your location, but first they have to stop by the precinct headquarters, fill out the forms and requisition appropriate firearms, fill out other forms to requisition ammunition, wait for firearm approval, and then proceed to your location. By the way, is the fellow breaking into your apartment a minority?

    Caller: He’s almost through the door! Yes, he’s black and accompanied by his hispanic brother-in-law. What difference does that make?

    911: Well, for minorities we need further approval for an armed response from the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, the ACLU, La Raza, MSNBC, CNN and the SLPC. Can you find a place to hide for a couple of hours?

    Caller: No! They’ll be in my apartment in a couple of minutes.

    911: Roger that. We will dispatch the coroner. Have a nice day, and thanks for calling 911.

  4. The stupid runs strong and deep in Vermont.

    I have boycotted their two exports; maple syrup and Ben & Jerry’s. Other states sell those products.

  5. Perri Freeman, This is confirming your order of family tickets for the upcoming presentation of Walt Disney’s Dumbo.
    Here at Disney we appreciate F’ing idiots as yourself, still supporting one of our fantasy worlds that inspire your need to shit all over other families that have suffered.
    Enjoy the coming attractions, Home Invasion Alone, staring your family.

  6. Burlington, after all, is the city that set Bernie Sanders on is political career; otherwise he probably would be on food stamps now. Vermont today is not your grandfather’s Vermont including the falsely named Republican party.

  7. HEY CRIMINAL DUDE, Please wait here and I will
    go back to the station and retrieve my gun,when I
    return we will pick up where we left off….
    Criminal knows the Po-Po ain’t got no gun,OH BOY!
    Dead Po-Po.

  8. Get rid of the 911 systems and the police radios also. Just have them do desk work. Comms 100% on Twitter.

  9. When Woodstock broke up 50 years ago half of the hippies didn’t want to return to steel and glasd places like NYC, so they drove their VW microbuses, goin’ up the country, and many squatted in Vermont. Does Bernie have a Vermont accent? No. He has a NYC accent and honeymooned in Moscow.

    Once conservative Vermont has been overwhelmed by these wash ashores. Same is happened in Virginia and the carolinas. Liberals fleeing the hellholes they have created. Migrant rat communities.

    I could go on, but brevity is an important and lost art.

  10. Silent Cal Coolidge was sworn into office by his father in Vermont.

    As for brevity, he was the master.

    I need to read a good book about him.


  11. I have to visit Burlington with some frequency. I don’t think the fruit loop has to worry. I haven’t seen a cop within 5 miles of downtown Burlington in years.

    The “diverse” college population, coupled with unfettered “refugee” settlers, freely roam the streets all hours of the night, with zero resistance from LE.

    Chittendon County has some of the highest property taxes for an area of its size in the nation. Those social services ain’t gonna pay for themselves.

  12. I am glad that I got to roam Europe back when it was Europe, San Francisco, same, Vermont, same.
    Liberals fuck up everything.

  13. “She brought up the idea at a recent council meeting, saying communities should be thinking about new ways of policing in the United States. Freeman spent time in Iceland, where police are often unarmed, according to an article in The Washington Post.”

    What is with libs trying to make the comparison to a place like Iceland or any European country?

    Does Iceland suffer from millions of illegal immigrants?
    Does Iceland suffer from gang violence aka MS-13, Bloods, Crypts, etc etc?
    Does Iceland suffer from drug crime on our scale?
    Does Iceland worry about diversity from all over the globe coming in and not changing their ways to conform to their country?
    Does Iceland suffer from race agitators and father-less families?
    Does Iceland suffer from a state media who promotes fake news and hate crime hoaxes to push an agenda?


  14. Silent Cal’s Wife: “How was church?”
    Silent Cal: “Good.”

    Silent Cal’s Wife: “What was the sermon about?”
    Silent Cal: “Sin.”

    Silent Cal’s Wife: “Well, what did he say?”
    Silent Cal: “He was against it.”

    If the populace is disarmed, the police should be disarmed.
    So should the Armed Forces – they should be the “Dis-Armed Forces.”
    The Second Amendment isn’t about Bambi.

    If the would-be tyrants want to pretend that they’re operating on some “principle” then we should demand that they live by that “principle” – no armed SS, no armed guards, no armed Capitol Police, no armed FBI, &c.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. every time some leftist Socialist proposes a disarmed police or disarmed American population and they point to Iceland or Japan, what these dumbasses dont realize is that these two countries are very peaceful mainly because they are both homogenous cultures. They are the exact opposite of diverse. The result is little if any friction because there is no fear of “the other” present.

  16. Great idea Perri! If that were to come to be, as a citizen I’d have that council woman recalled, I’d move out of Burlington and as a police officer, I’d quit. Let her respond to calls! What a MORON!

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