City Funded Artwork In Melbourne Is Simply Bananas

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A bizarre statue of a banana has split opinions in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy and was damaged by vandals overnight. The almost two-metre tall statue, titled ‘Fallen Fruit’, was created by artist Adam Stone and commissioned by the City of Yarra. The council splashed $22,000 to create the sculpture, which was part of a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) grant. The artwork is part of an initiative to activate and improve road safety on Rose Street. More

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  1. Add duck tape and it will be worth 5 times as much.

    Can Maurizio Cattlean sue for copyright infringement?

  2. The stupid sculpture will likely cause accidents when drivers get distracted trying to understand what it means.

    Two Aussie’s heading home after an afternoon and evening in a pub.

    Crock: Oi Mick, whot is that ovuh therr?

    Mick: Looks like a huge focking dong with a faice.

    Crock: Ya mean a yell-owe dong with a faice? Yeah, a Chinaman’s.

    Mick: Nah Crock, they don’t grow ’em that big.

    Crock: Look the faice just smiled at ya Mick,

    Mick: G’wan Crock its smoilin’ at you, not me – it likes ya maite.

    Crock: Watch out Mick…aww…too laite….ya just ran ovuh some bloke on the sidewalk.

    Mick: Yoikes…its not me fault – they shouldna put a big dong in the street for everyone to galk at.

  3. “(It represents) this kind of idea about hubris or this overconfidence within western society and the way we’ve been drawn to excess and consumption,”
    It represents a group of people dumb enough to spend $22,000 on a statue.
    Artist, “I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this”.

  4. Cities try to keep artists employed by buying some really atrocious stuff.

    I saw some hare-brained “art” at Portland’s Metro stations. Weird heads on a metal platform that could be moved around. Diseased brains come up with that kind of thing.

  5. Artists ought to be free to produce any sort of art they want to…with their own time and money. If they also want to make a living at it, it would behoove them to consider producing something attractive to people with money, and I *do* *not* mean govt.

    For a govt body to commission “art” without knowing what sort of “art” they’ll be getting is gross taxpayer abuse.

  6. the artist made if for a local kiddie park but they were only gonna give him 200.00 for it so he sold it to the city

  7. I work in a lot of places. A lot.

    I walking into a Investment company the a Relative worked at for a visit.
    There was a Metal Garbage Can knocked over in the corner with plastic bottles spilling out onto the floor.
    I honestly looked at Norman, My cousin and volunteered to pick it up.
    He told me it was ART & the Boss bought it…

    Man, I feel like I wasted my life working sometimes.

  8. Two things:

    1) There is NO WAY a Drunk Aussies don’t climb it and Face Fuck it.

    2) Better and Cheaper than anything Yoko Ohno EVER did.

  9. Look like the evil space “alien” monster.
    Maybe SNL Cone Head…
    Once again the tax slave gets burned.

  10. “(It represents)…the way we’ve been drawn to excess and consumption,” Mr Stone said.

    [said the useless fuckstick grifter leech]

  11. Disappointed. With the name “Fallen Fruit” I was sure it was a statue of Harvey Milk.
    But Obama decided to name a Navy ship after the dead pervert instead.

  12. Along similar lines… a few years ago the city of El Chuko offered up a cool quarter million for someone or thing to come up with a city slogan. The winner(?)… “It’s all good” thus pissing away more taxpayer money on useless bullshit. Enjoy.

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