Civil War 54th Regiment Memorial Memorial Vandalized In Boston – IOTW Report

Civil War 54th Regiment Memorial Memorial Vandalized In Boston

Neon Nettle

As a “Black Lives Matter” protest moved through Boston, rioters defaced the Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial which was dedicated to African American soldiers who fought to end slavery in the Civil War.

“Memorials in three of the city’s major parks were hit with graffiti and vandalism Sunday night after tensions mounted between demonstrators and police following a day of mostly peaceful protest marches that wound through Boston,” The Boston Globe reported.

“One of the memorials targeted by vandals was the Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial, which was unveiled 137 years ago Sunday and depicts a pioneering group of Black soldiers marching into battle during the Civil War,” the newspaper added.  More

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  1. Except for Mosques, these BLM led mobs don’t discriminate in what they are burning and destroying.

  2. That would require the mob to know history. Hell, they have looted Nike stores in nearly every major city, and you won’t find a more “woke” company than Nike!

    Hey Nike: How is all that virtue-signaling working out for you?

  3. If they’d gain about 3,000 more IQ points, they could move UP from “neanderthal,” to, “dipshit.” 🙄

  4. This is a disgrace. Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Mass Regiment were desecrated.

    Fuck these bastards.

    They have no idea what is coming to them…

    Augustus Saint Gaudens was perhaps our greatest sculptor of that period. His original design was of Shaw on his horse, typical of the time. But the family (who funded the memorial) told him they wanted the unit of men behind Shaw to be represented. Saint Gaudens began his research and did the final product, perhaps the finest memorial of it’s type I have ever seen. There is a floating angel over the regiment in the piece.

    And guess what @Dr T – he PAID ‘negros’ at the time, models in affect, for the composition, that he found on the streets of NY.

    Glory, the movie, is the last scene of carnage, play loud and at FULL screen:

    They were fucking wiped out and had no real chance but they didn’t give a shit. They were proud and that is all that counts, then and now.

  5. To Ghost, – There is no sense of history, or beauty for that matter, with Marxists. But you know this already.

  6. Can we just call BLM the American Taliban?

    Too stupid to know history but they just want to blow shit up.
    Ignorant malcontents.

  7. Now I worry for the Sherman monument at 57th and Fifth in NYC:

    He is hated by the neo-left. (and maybe some southerners here, hey whatever, I say that as a Yankee). Sherman ended it.

    Saucy times indeed.

    @HP – correct.

    @PHenry – there are moslems within BLM. But there is also a ‘Christian’ component to with a mix of hispanic and Transgender. They might kill each other first. Think Malcolm X.

    Just watch it unfold, at THEIR own ‘expense’.

  8. He’s right ya know, Ghost is, this is a terrible disgrace to the memory of an idea. This is the problem with education and access to knowledge, art and otherwise mind challenging things. This is closed minded nihilistic actions upon a inert piece of stone.

  9. Those who refuse to learn from history are ignorant, uneducable, stupid people. They are everywhere. They can be found defacing statues in London and Paris and Rome. They paint simple slogans on statues dedicated to greater men and women than any of them could ever aspire to emulate. The only countries where these ignoramuses don’t deface statues and memorials are all totalitarian dictatorships. Try getting away with spray painting something of Chairman Mao’s tombstone in Peking, or Fidel Castro’s in Havana, if you want to challenge authority. These Boston Bums deserve to be whipped in public like the Black Lives that actually made a difference who were memorialized by this wonderful statue.

  10. And meanwhile I’d bet no one would dare desecrate that statue of Lenin in Fremont Square in Seattle. And does anyone other than a history buff know who John C Fremont was let alone Kit Carson?

  11. And how they were important to the settlement of the American West. They can have statues of Lenin but no longer any statues or monuments celebrating the pioneers who settled the West. I hate the left and their madness to destroy everything good about American history. They’d be perfectly happy if the injuns had won and America was never founded and then then they would still find some other injustice to bitch about.


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