Claim: Savage Rapes a Pony In a Children’s Petting Zoo

Gates of Vienna has a disturbing story about a 23 year-old Syrian who allegedly raped a pony in full view of children at a German petting zoo.


It’s pretty bad when Harvey Weinstein looks like a country gentleman compared to your run-of-the-mill “refugee.”

ht/ Salve

30 Comments on Claim: Savage Rapes a Pony In a Children’s Petting Zoo

  1. The penalty for these low grade, immoral, morons should be the full and complete removal of any and all sexual organs. This would enable them to gain employment with the Vienna boys choir, or start a solo career as a tenor.

  2. He had a sexual emergency like the Syrrian who raped a 10 year old boy at an Austrian public

    The Austrians made the best Nazis. Let’s see how long they put up with this.

  3. The monkeys stand for honesty
    Giraffes are insincere
    And the elephants are kindly but they’re dumb
    Orangutans are skeptical
    Of changes in their cages
    And the zookeeper is very fond of rum

    Zebras are reactionaries
    Antelopes are missionaries
    Pigeons plot in secrecy
    And muzlims get horny frequently
    What a gas, you gotta come and see

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