Claire McCaskill calls Obamacare a ‘mistake’

American Thinker: 

For all the yelling from the press about President Trump being in political trouble, a gander at what the Democrats are experiencing is of far greater significance as election midterms approach.  They’re running scared.  Take the case of Missouri senator Claire McCaskill, whose “yes” vote on the Affordable Care Act, alongside the Democratic herd, has brought her untold problems with her voters.

In desperation, she’s now called Obamacare “a mistake” and explicitly disavowed the mess that has left her constituents poorer and angrier at her town hall meetings.

And why shouldn’t they be?


16 Comments on Claire McCaskill calls Obamacare a ‘mistake’

  1. McCaskill, you voted for it, you built it, Obamacare hurt individuals, families, states and the Country.
    You own it.

    The major mistake is Claire McCaskill and those like her.

  2. Damn!
    Mistake? Not crossing a “t” or dotting an “i” is a mistake.
    Nationalizing medicine is destructive of the country and intentionally evil.
    The evil fucking bitch can’t even tell the truth when running from her actions.

    She and her party have done everything humanly (and inhumanly) possible to corrupt the political process, destroy America’s foundations, and diminish Western Civilization – from nihilism, to the outlawing of God in public, to pandering and promoting perversion, to denying the existence of morality, to the murder of the innocents, to aiding and abetting izlam (and other enemies of America), and to importing alien-invading rat-people to further despoil America.

    Fuck her (not really – just an expression of disgust).

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. If McCaskill hadn’t exempted herself and the rest of Congress from the Obamacare “mistake” she would have realized the disaster Dems created before destroying so many jobs and lives.

  4. Right out of the Clinton Play Book. Not an original thought in her head. No courage of conviction. If polls said commie care was a good idea? She’d be all for it. Instead of leading, she follows the polls. Like Ocommie, she leads from behind. She’s not too old to get a job at the drive up window.

  5. One of the first things to happen to Missouri when Obama took office was to shut down a great big Dodge truck factory in Fenton and move it to Mexico. McCaskill did absolutely nothing to save all the thousands of good paying jobs – at the factory and all the supporting small companies surrounding it. She’s just horrible.

  6. It passed the Senate by one vote. One. Any single senator could have voted no and we would not have it. Days after cloture passed a senator was replaced and it never would have a chance again. Each and every one of those 60 is singularly liable for all of 0bamacare.

  7. I would not trust this communist SJW feminist liberal any further than I could dropkick her with a steel-toed work boot (that might be a few feet). She is a hard core communist/dnc/maoist/collectivist and needs to be sent packing.

    LIke LC Dan says, just one vote from someone like this old broiler would have made a difference WRT obozocare, but NO. C’mon Missouri do the right thing get rid of her.

  8. Thousands of pages of laws that have nothing to do with healthcare are hidden in this weapon of Congress.
    Mistake? Nice try you evil treacherous pos. What have you done in office that could possibly make up for such an enormous ‘mistake’?? If you were sincere, your next sentence would be “I’m sorry and I resign”.

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