Claire McCaskill Is Not Even A Good Liar

We’ve all come to expect more from our politicians. For instance, if they’re going to lie to the voters, at least be convincing. The Body Language Ghost watched Senator Claire McCaskill (MO-D) try to do some damage control over the recent Project Veritas videos. Her efforts fell way short. Watch


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  1. Of course she’s a liar; she’s a politician.

    Doesn’t really matter that she’s a commie at heart. Republicans do it too.

  2. I expect all politicians to lie. A very few don’t, but I can count them on the fingers of one mutilated hand. The important thing about their lying is what they’re trying to accomplish. I can tolerate (but never really approve of) a pol’s lying to his enemies to make it more likely to accomplish something he’s already on record as trying to achieve. “I’ll respect you in the morning if you’ll only vote for this tax cut.”

    All the rest of the lies are despicable, but the despicable-est are the ones pols tell to try to absolve themselves of guilt for acts that anybody with more than four grey cells hooked up in parallel could recognize while asleep. Such as McCaskill’s current lies.

  3. With all due respects to the body language expert, I could tell she was lying by listening to her on the radio. It is just what she does. That, and fill her husbands pockets.

  4. She actually thinks she’ll get away with it, and probably will for most of her supporters. The fact that she can hoodwink so many people reinforces her idea that she’s superior, and therefore worthy of governing the masses. Her supporters think “She’s lying to get ________ (fill in the blank) passed so, it’s OK. She’s just trying to fool the dumb sheep into accepting what’s good for them even though they’re too dumb to vote for it”, so it’s OK with her voters that she lied.

  5. The really funny thing is that the MSM was completely ignoring the Project Veritas video, until she started banging her fist and calling for investigations; then they HAD to cover the story! She isn’t just stupid, she is Maxine Waters-level stupid.

  6. McCaskill’s a fairly typical nihilistic totalitarian oligarch-ist.
    She seems to believe in nothing but enriching herself at taxpayer expense.
    And that’s a pretty common religion in DC and the State Capitols (most seats of power).

    By their Acts should we judge them – not by their lying words.

    No matter what manner of blather a pol uses, look at the Bank Account. McCaskill has siphoned $Millions into her and her husband’s accounts. All told, $Trillions are being siphoned – see “TARP,” &c. After all the $Trillions being driven into the “L’il Chillen” and “Po’fokes” direction for the last 40 years, there shouldn’t be a single poor person left on Earth, much less in America.

    Obola, Jarret, Emanuel, Clinton, Ryan, Reid … the list is nauseatingly endless.

    izlamo delenda est …


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