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Clarence Thomas Tears Apart SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

The Federalist isolates and explains eight of the best points from Justice Thomas’ dissent to yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling that tossed out the Texas laws trying to regulate the practices of abortion clinics.


Accusing the court of creating a “putative right to abortion” he goes on to explain how the court has undermined the rule of law in its quest to protect barbaric practice at any cost.

Ultimately, while abortion advocates celebrate, what they have really achieved is to get the Supreme Court to move “passed the point where ‘law,’ properly speaking, has further application.” Or in other words, the law is what the Supreme Court says is law, not the Constitution.


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  1. God bless this fine man! The only true conservative left.

  2. When Trump wins I hope the liberal justices don’t have any “accidents”. That would be bad mmmmkay.

  3. Magic 8 Ball says It Is Certain for a vibrator malfunction in Kagan’s future.

  4. SO I guess this means that the SCrOTUS is happy with PA “Dr” Kermit Gosnell-style filthy abortion mills and women contracting sepsis and dying.

    We now live in a WWROL (World Without Rule Of Law).
    So if you want to disobey or ignore (or both) a rule or law that doesn’t please you, just.don’

  5. Y’all do realize, don’t you, that the Constitution has nothing in it that says the decisions of Los Supremos affect anything more than the parties involved in the suits they are hearing? And that this idea that they have the power of a review of constitutionality of laws enacted by legislative bodies is something that they invented themselves in 1803? And that the Constitution gives the power of determining what the scope of judicial power the courts have to Congress?

    Just asking…

  6. Planned Parenthood: “We’ll kill any baby, any color, for just $89.99!”

    Earl Scheib unavailable for comment….

  7. Back in my day, it was $29.95.
    Scheib, that is.

  8. Burner. Yeah, the whole car $29.95, tires included.

  9. Replacing Justice Thomas is THE reason Trump bashers should STFU and help him.

  10. Windows too, Moe
    . Earl just sprayed the whole thing.

  11. all this CONCERN about the “undue burden” placed on women trying to exercise a “right” found NOWHERE in the Constitution, but echoes of mute crickets about the “undue burden” placed on citizens trying to exercise their CLEARLY ENUMERATED rights of free speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, being “safe” in their papers (right to privacy), and all those other things that are ACTUALLY in the RULE BOOK……
    oh yeah, and then that IDIOT said “let’s all go to texas and knock up all the women”……..

    i don’t think this is what ole jakov smirnoff meant when he said “WHAT A COUNTRY…….”……..

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