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Clarence Thomas VICTIM Of Horrifying Attack…

How the hell is abortion a racial issue? If anything, abortion is anti-black. Planned Parenthood has its ROOTS in keeping the black population in check.


Marvel Studios star Samuel L. Jackson blasted black U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by using a racially-charged slur to criticize him over the court’s abortion ruling Friday.

After the Supreme Court issued its Dobbs ruling that overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Jackson quipped on social media, “How’s Uncle Clarence feeling about Overturning Loving v Virginia?”

Of course, Loving v. Virginia is the famed Supreme Court decision from 1967 that declared prohibitions on interracial marriage were unconstitutional. The ruling came five years before the Roe decision and was solidly based on the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, finding that it is unconstitutional to prevent interracial marriage because marriage was “generally accepted conduct” outside the restrictions based solely on race, so the race restriction was arbitrary and meant solely to promulgate “invidious racial discrimination.”

Loving has no connection to Roe, does not rely on Roe’s reasoning (by virtue of coming down 6 years prior), and is not facing any public campaign for reversal. Indeed, Thomas himself never mentioned Loving for the chief reason that the 1967 ruling was decided on a completely different clause of the Constitution than whatt Thomas was focusing on in the cases he felt should be overturned.


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  2. Liberal dems are pissed because they want EVERYTHING THEIR way.
    For them, there is no need to justify their feelings, they simply demand the shit they put into position STAYS there.

  3. The democraps don’t want just something for themselves they want everyone else to have to put up with their viewpoint. Why don’t they just take a few states and turn them into their way of thinking and be happy and make their very own nation. No unless we all see things their way they just won’t be happy. They know what’s best for everyone and won’t put up with someone else having freedom of other thoughts.

  4. @ jellybean JUNE 27, 2022 AT 4:08 PM

    ICYMI, that is what passing out participation trophies has been about. The progressive movement knows it needs spoiled brats with a sense of entitlement in order to advance their cause.

  5. @ Deplorable Second Class JUNE 27, 2022 AT 4:28 PM

    I learned a long time ago that they operate with malicious intent. Misery loves company is how liberalism/progressivism manifests.

  6. Dumb, brain-dead remark from Samuel L. considering that Justice Thomas is married to a white woman.

  7. just another libtard actor with so much money he doesn’t need me to buy tickets to anything he is a part of.

  8. Jackson is just concerned about the rise in price of dead baby parts, penis facial cream, or fewer children to molest.
    We already know most of Hollywood elite are POS’s.

  9. Demons howl the loudest when they don’t get their way.
    We’re seeing who the truly evil are around us now.

  10. Jackson is a blithering fuckwit, as are most Ho-wood types.

    Meanwhile, Rio, I ­­­­­­a­­m ­­­­ma­­k­­i­­ng 28­­5­­ Dollars e­­a­­ch­­ h­­o­­u­­r ­­­­f­­o­­r hunting down and strangling stupid assholes who post online work scams on otherwise reputable forums.

  11. Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd this is how you know that racism only exists as a tool of hatred by the Left to push chaos, mayhem and division in their insane, relentless war on Civilization. Years ago, when they resurrected Nazisand the Ku Klux Klan. I said I had never met one in my life. Do they exist? Sure they do, but the REAL question should be: Are they significant?
    No they are not.
    Same with racism and so-called “White Supremacy”. Does it exist? Yes. It it significant? No… and this anal wart Jackson just proved it!

  12. Speaking of anal warts, Jackass Joe brought a heaping helping of inanity to the table in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Jackass Joe will go down in history as the stupidest White man in history to have attempted to lynch a Black man with a pubic hair!

    Jackass Joe: YOU KNOW and I KNOW that I’m a lame-brained hairball!

  13. You all do know we have to kill the left. All of them. There is no reasoning or dealing with those shitheads.

  14. Hollywierd pro-abort cretins like Jackson and Goldberg never get prosecuted for threatening a judge, which is against the law. Oh yeah, Justice Thomas is a conservative and his equal protection under the law is ignored, of course.
    Justice Thomas should bring a defamation suit (if it applies) against at least these two black loud mouth libtards.. set an example.


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