Clarke: A City Without Law Is No Sanctuary


Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens.  That’s why we have the rule of law and established mechanisms to enforce the law – police and courts.

President Trump has a sworn duty to uphold duly established laws. Sadly, some elected officials at the state and city and even federal level stand in defiance of the law.

The administration recently launched Operation Safe City. It resulted in the arrest of nearly five hundred illegal alien criminals across the country in a sweep that included the so-called sanctuary cities of New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Washington.

“We are never going to stop enforcing the laws that we’re authorized and required to do,” said Matthew Albence of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “If we need to go into these locations every week, we will go into these locations every week to remove these public safety threats.”

“Sanctuary cities” is the deliberately misleading term used in reference to jurisdictions that mandate police not to cooperate with federal officials in the pursuit of justice. In a civilized society it is the law that protects citizens – laws are the sanctuary. To call a place where there is no law a “sanctuary” is to deny objective reality. It is the worst form of doublethink, right up there with War is Peace and Freedom is Slavery.

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9 Comments on Clarke: A City Without Law Is No Sanctuary

  1. Clark:

    Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens.

    Govt’s duty is to secure the citizens’ rights.

    There can be no end to the power govt can claim and accumulate if it claims such power is for our own protection. Clark is a statist, a damned dirty statist.

  2. Prosecute elected officials who implement “sanctuary” policies and throw them in jail. I like it.

  3. The Daily Caller, unfortunately, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to hijacking your web experience. Everytime I follow a link to that place some moronic video starts autoplaying and a bunch of pop-ups take over my screen. A shame, but I can never read anything there.
    If their intention is to make their site unreadable they’re doing a helluva job.

  4. irony curtain
    I turn my add blocker on when I go there. I immediately get a message telling me to turn it off. But it’s the only damn way you can read anything. Rather self defeating I would think.

  5. I’m no lawyer (thank goodness), but if Federal troops and marshals could be sent into a State to enforce integration (i.e., civil rights) why couldn’t they be sent in to enforce U.S. immigration laws?

    Just asking.

  6. @Irony Curtain – one simple solution is to use the Opera browser and just turn on its internal ad blocker. That’s what I’ve been using for a few months now and I’m sticking with it, partially because it has built-in *free* VPN access through one of Opera’s subsidiaries. Oh, yeah, like most browsers it’ll import all your bookmarks, passwords, forms, etc. from your current browser if you want it to.

  7. I don’t get any crap there with the adblocker on. Interesting.

    Prosecute city officials who institute it. Where’s Sessions goddammit?

  8. Uncle Al

    I see what you’re saying, but, I think if you sat down with Clark you and he would agree. I don’t think he’s a statist.


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