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Clash of the Concerts At Venezuela’s Border

Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolas Maduro has closed the borders of his nation with both Brazil and Columbia. Tons of aid wait on the other side for desperate Venezuelans. Maduro, however, fears that letting the relief shipments in will be the end of his regime.

Opposition leader and declared interim president, Juan Guaido has vowed that the much-needed food and medicine will be brought in from Columbia today by citizens defying the military blockade. Two Venezuelan’s were killed and fifteen wounded protesting the border closure with Brazil yesterday. More

Meanwhile, Richard Branson, the venturesome British entrepreneur, had organized “Venezuela Live Aid” in Columbia at the bridge that ties the two nations together. Not to be outdone, Maduro is holding “Hands Off Venezuela” concert event on his side of the bridge, that claims to have 150 performers lined up. The two events are a mere 900 feet apart. More


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  1. They managed to get one aid truck through on the Brazilian border, the military is assaulting the crowds at the Colombian border crossing.

    Either the military will break or this is going to get real ugly before the day is through.

  2. Just F’ supper,,,and die
    harsh I know but what to expect, it’s a Democrat thing,,,
    Branson organized “Venezuela Live Aid” for himself only.
    Pale chubby bastard he is.

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