It had been a priority of Senator Ted Kennedy right up to his death before final passage of Obamacare. The Community Living Assistance Support and Services or CLASS Act was swept into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, despite so many knowing that it was unsustainable. Not even the Obama administration could hide the failure of this provision of the president’s legacy law, so he and congress repealed this portion of Obamacare on January 1, 2013.

The CLASS Act was meant provide Obamacare like insurance policies for long term care. It ran into the same spiraling premium disaster that has been the hall mark of Obamacare, too many sick people signing up, not enough healthy people to support premiums leading to unsustainable escalating premiums.

Christopher Jacobs at The Federalist accuses members of HHS’s Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) of knowing and choosing to remain silent on the CLASS Act flaws. Members who still work at ASPE today. Here


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  1. There’s several reasons one chooses a career in the govt. Bennies, unaccountability, protected employment status, 20 hour work week….

    There’s only one reason the govt hires them….incompetency.

  2. In the photo from the cover of Time that was used, the glow around Teddy’s head reminds me of the soft gentle glow that a submerged car’s headlights make before they are extinguished by the battery dying, leaving all things dead in the vehicle …. just sayin’

  3. They had no option but to rush it through. As soon as Scott Brown won the special election the clock was ticking. Frankly, the interim guy should not have voted at that point but it was vote #60 and they needed it. No time for rewrites, they had no option but to pass whatever was in it, they would figure out the rest later.
    Of course that wouldn’t matter because it gave historic control to the administration which could fix as needed – but as long as 0bama was able to pass the throne to a Democrat it wouldn’t matter. Oops.

  4. Ole Teddy is now swimming in an eternal lake of fire and brimstone and Mary Jo is holding his head under with a trident!

  5. @ Jack
    I heard the head lights were off so as not to be seen driving drunk.
    A long line of drunken ass family.
    The lion of the swamp.

  6. Ted Kennedy was listed at number 8 on Frank Hawkins’ list of The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades
    Kennedy should have been number 3, behind LBJ and Jimmy Carter, probably more destructive than Obama who I would place at number 4.

  7. He drowns a girl while drunk driving and one of his nephews takes chip shots off Martha Moxley’s head. As far as we know the rest are only rapists.

  8. Makes sense to me to see him on the cover of Time. These are the same assholes that had Adolf Hitler there. What an honor.

  9. The world would be a better place without carter, soros, obammy, the clintoon’s, the kennedy’s, shumber, pelousey, the other Demoncrat wannabes, and of course RINOs (a.k.a., zombie Demoncrats).

  10. Was he part of that Progressive Most Vile List on the other thread??


  11. Proving again that having a rich bootlegger daddy buy your way into politics isn’t a guarantee of a damn thing. Other than being an amoral turd.


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