Classified Doc May Have Been Hacked from Clinton’s Server

LifeZette: Newly released FBI notes suggest state secrets ended up in the hands of a Romanian hacker.

A privately funded effort to test whether sensitive information from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s home-brew server might have uncovered evidence that classified information from Clinton’s server did indeed end up in the hands of bad actors.

A cyber security expert hired by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch shut down the project after discovering an email he thought might be classified on a Romanian server, according to investigative notes released Monday by the FBI.

The expert found a sensitive Excel file listing the names of suspected or known jihadists in Libya, according to the FBI report. A portion of the file was in Russian. The Clinton camp has admitted in the past that hackers breached Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal’s email server but have always maintained Clinton’s email was never successfully hacked.

But this document did not come from Blumenthal’s server. It did, however, contain a reference to an internet protocol address range that included the IP address of Clinton’s server.

“Upon reviewing this file [the expert] became concerned he had found a classified document and stopped the project,” the FBI report states. “This work completed Phase I and [the expert] planned to deliver the final report to Judicial Watch soon.”  MORE

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  1. I doesn’t surprise me. I expected it and I also expect her to get a pass from the Justice Dept.
    I am hoping the Donald will sic the feds on her after he is elected.

  2. I swear, if there was video of Hillary killing, butchering, cooking, and eating a Republican, her supporters would not even raise a squeak of protest. In fact, most would want to eat with her, as so many do at her ‘Auctioning of America’, “fundraisers”.

  3. Anybody that thinks she or her husband has any concern about national security is delusional. But they know where to find the stupid voters and there’s no lack of them in this country.

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