Classing Up the Joint

57 classical music songs mashed up and interwoven.

16 Comments on Classing Up the Joint

  1. Am I tripping, or did I hear a few bars of Cole Porter in there?

    Mash-up I’d like to see: “La Donna e Mobile” with “Ride of the Valkyries” LOL.

  2. that’s pretty cool, considering the immense genius of the classical writers. What amazes me almost as much is the variation attained by “rockers” playing the same three chords.

    I write a few songs, and the chord progressions sometimes sound far too much alike to me. People like em, though.

    But they’re all drunks.

  3. I hate this.
    Classical music is one of my passions, and this bastardized stuff is a travesty.
    Especially when it sounds as though it was played on a toy piano.

  4. Dang, I had to pause listening to Led Zeppelin so I could hear this. It was fun, but back to Stairway to Heaven…

    P.S. I did like the bouncing heads!

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