Classless woman’s angry tirade over ‘nasty’ PTSD dog in a restaurant got ugly

She’s quite the nutcase.

BPR: A video of a Delaware woman going off on a veteran’s family over a service dog is making the rounds online.

The incident took place at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, according to, and the woman is visible upset that the dog, a Great Dane, is in the restaurant and makes no bones about voicing her displeasure.

“I’m leaving because of his nasty (inaudible) dog,” she said. “So what, what are you going to do about it? Nothing!”

Service dogs are trained to assist and comfort veterans living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it’s not clear if the dog may have somehow made contact with the woman, who was heard saying, “I’m not going to keep my hands to myself, I’m going to push it just like I did and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

A woman off camera chimed in to say that he — presumably the vet — is alive because he fought for our country.

“Congratulations!” the upset woman screamed. “My husband’s dad did too, what’s your point? My husband’s dad fought for the f**king country!”

The two go out each other pretty intensely before the woman started to leave, but then doubled back to get the last word.

“It’s disgusting to have an animal inside a public restaurant,” she said, adding that if it must happen, the dog should be in a “sectional area.”

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SNIP: The only nasty dog in that restaurant was that, bitch.  Was that guy walking out with her the husband? He should really see about getting her a muzzle,  and some balls for himself.

56 Comments on Classless woman’s angry tirade over ‘nasty’ PTSD dog in a restaurant got ugly

  1. I’m leaving because of that nasty dog. Whachugonna do bout it?

    Pat the dog on the head and say GOOD BOY.

    Her husband or whatever wearing a Fight Factory shirt was priceless. Wimp.

  2. What a Cunt, and I really never use that word ! It is interesting to see how whites react to such a rage filled person, I don’t really think we were made to Deal with shit like this … She reacts to a dog as if an animal herself !

  3. Crab House. She’s had enough.
    Good dog though. If it had been one of my doggos, at least one of them would have probably bit her more than large ass. Well behaved dog, he did his job well.
    Glad I’m not her. Days must be long for her, longer still for her not so dynamic friend. I hope they went home and cuddled up together. yeecchhh

  4. I’m guessing that dogs were used to track down escaped prisoners and slaves thus the triggered reaction to the racist dog.

  5. It took real self control not to knock her out cold.
    I wanted to deck her.

    And her husband’s father served? Stop appropriating his service for your own. He probably wondered where he went wrong on raising a man. If the guy she was with is her husband he went terribly wrong. Pussy.

  6. That unintelligent troglodite is beyond stupid. Anyone here old enough to remember when her attire would have been enough to throw her ass out of the restaurant. And what’s up with that pussy significant other?

  7. I love dogs too. However, a PTSD vet is one thing, but I am sick and tired of every precious snowflake who thinks they have to have their precious dog with them everywhere. Service dogs for people with physical disabilities are ok. But the “comfort dog” scam is getting tiresome. Everywhere you go now, some asshole (not a vet or disabled person) has their mutt along; restaurants, grocery stores, everywhere. Enough is enough.

  8. From the look of her husband, he has faced her crude, irrational wrath before, maybe that’s why he is a ball less cowering wallflower.
    Shameful on his part, psychotic on her part.

  9. She’s right. It’s disgusting to have animals in the restaurant. I’m not talking about the 4 legged ones, though. I’m talking about the bipedal humanoid life forms such as this creature ranting in the video.

  10. Tony R: I am with you brother. As a person with severe pet allergies I can’t go into public area’s any longer with any certitude that I will not be forced out by a person with a dog.
    Comfort Dog scam is exactly right. But even outdoor events like fairs, farmers markets, and sporting events people bring their pets and that sucks for me. Smoking was banned in public places purportedly for health concerns, now we have dogs.
    I would have just left the restaurant, because I would have vapor locked before I got my food. Eat at home and drive thru.

  11. Everyone wants to feel the power of shutting someone else down now. Snowflakes et-al have been coddled way too much. They see no end to the possibilities of being offended now.

    Thanks Obama.

  12. My daughter also has pet allergies(minor), thanks to me, there isn’t a dormitory floor at her college that doesn’t have a snowflake with a “comfort dog”.
    Dogs are officially not allowed, whatever that means.
    So she gets to pop Claritin everyday and live with a stuffy nose for 9 months.

  13. We were at the supermarket yesterday and some old biddy had her pocket dog in the shopping cart. You know, where you put your friggin’ FOOD! We talked to the manager, he said when they catch someone doing that, they have to sanitize the cart. $$. You can even buy phoney “service dog” jackets on eBay. I have talked to people with real service dogs, and they are really pissed about the comfort dog scam. And, come on, a Great Dane for a comfort dog? A Beagle wouldn’t do?

  14. A Great Dane in a restaurant would probably be the last time I go to that restaurant. I, too, am up to here with dogs everywhere. I know they serve a vital role in helping vets overcome PTSD. I know it’s real. I would never confront anyone in the manner this woman did. I blame the proprietors for allowing the dogs of unaffected people into every kind of store. At the grocery store, for example, there are large signs that read “No Dogs Allowed” or “Service Dogs Only.” But a Great Dane service dog? Come on! There are plenty of smaller dog breeds out there to issue as service dogs. He may as well have a “Service Pony.” How would you like to sit next to that while you’re eating? There has to be a line drawn somewhere.

  15. a great dane? c’mon. I doubt if i’d eat there either, but i wouldnt make a federal case over it. Abie is right, gotta draw a line. Maybe under 50 pounds or something.

    and I love dogs.

  16. Everyone needs to carry a can of bear spray when some chick goes full ratchet.

    And attack can come when you least expect it.

  17. Some legitimate service dogs have to be large to help with balance. And “comfort dogs” are not allowed at all, whether owned by a vet or a lonely old lady. ONLY dogs that perform tasks to help their disabled owners. Blame the way the law is written.

  18. (oy caramba) I just watched the video. Got only halfway thru and I had to stop watching. When someone goes off on me like that, I shut down and refuse to listen to their side of the story, no matter how justified their side of the story is. If you can’t have a polite, rational discussion with me, THEN FUCK YOU, I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO YOU.

    Politenessman needs to go to Delaware City, kickin’ asses til both shoes are shitty.

  19. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. She was being disruptive on purpose because she’s the type of narcissistic beotch who needs attention. Sure, it’s a big dog, but life is too short to go balistic over a momentary inconvenience. Hope the restaurant bans that evil cow forever.

  20. (~sigh~) I was born and lived in DE for 50 of my 58 years (exc. for university).
    SO GLAD I moved my family 2 Time Zones away.

    You used to hear some good things come from DE. Not no more! lol

  21. This woman is a bitch, agreed! However, this service animal BS is getting out of control. There is a reason most local governments ban live animals from grocery stores a restaurants. Would a service donkey be allowed in this restaurant given it is probably smaller than this dog.

  22. How about we just go back to woobies? You know, little blankies with satin binding? Doesn’t it say a lot about a society in which grown people apparently cannot find comfort in the company of their loved ones? I mean, you’re at a restaurant with your FAMILY. You’re not alone there.

  23. Who cares whether you don’t “”like”” service animals…we have a thing called THE LAW. If you want to question it with your armchair lawyering, go get a degree. The real problem with the world isn’t snowflakes, it’s people thinking their opinion is important.

  24. God forbid people discuss differences in a civil tone.
    Remember when that used to be the norm across the USA?

    Now we’re “diversified” back to the dark ages and dark recesses of the planet.

    That is what “MAGA” is all about!
    It is the OPPOSITE of a fake First Family with obviously false identities, genders, and sexual preferences. Deceitfulness, bullying, physical violence, hustling and looting.

  25. It’s great that we finally live in a time when so many people are physically incapable of grasping the difference between a “public” place and a “private” place. Hillary’s Nasty Womyn and Trump’s Basket Deplorables all agree “It’s the right side of history. Cos’ it’s all about Me, me, me!”

    And for those of you peeing on my shoes and claiming it’s raining, I’ll agree that there really is hope for your thinking if someone gives you a clue: A “private” place is yours. A “public” place is one that allows you in, even though it’s not yours. (Did you notice that point: It’s… not… yours.)

  26. When stationed in Germany the only problem with dogs in restaurants was that so many Americans wanted to stop and pet them. Owners could not speak a word of English. But they sure knew how to smile.

  27. She’s in full chimp out. At least she wasn’t a 300 lbs silverback with half a dozen similar family members around, which would lead to someone getting sucker punched and sent to the hospital.

    Every day, people like this are showing why Jim Crow laws came into being way back in the day of suppressed history.

  28. My dog sits next to me during every meal at home.
    I respect the restaurant rules but this is ridiculous of the woman getting all psycho over it. Her boy friend looked ashamed of her. Thar dog was clean, calm, cool and collected.

  29. Sorry Charlie.

    I’m a major dog lover. My Dad was a WWII Marine. Tarawa and Saipan.

    He never needed a “service dog”.

  30. has no one doxxed this animal yet?….my inquiring mind is just foaming at the mouth to know….where to send the emails……

    she’s viral, so someone knows….FIDO, SPEAK!!!……


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