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Clean Up America In Philly This Weekend


Scott Presler’s clean up America and register voters campaign began after President Donald Trump spoke out about Democrat-controlled cities such as Baltimore being in decay, with streets filled with trash, hypodermic needles, and homeless people.

I’m in Philadelphia,” Presler said in a video he filmed while he and a large group of volunteers cleaned city streets and alleys during the Memorial Day weekend, describing it as “a city that is completely controlled by Democrats and which continues to vote Democrat.”

“And my question is when you see your streets covered in trash, alleyways just completely filthy, why do you keep electing the same people over and over, who let your cities become like this while they fill their pockets with your cash?” Presler said. More

8 Comments on Clean Up America In Philly This Weekend

  1. Good for him!
    But I have to ask: Why does it take some guy from out of town (from a different state) to organize a clean-up in YOUR town?
    It’s pathetic.

  2. …why do you keep electing the same people over and over…

    I think it may have something to do with so many voters being stupid and gullible.

  3. Pity those poor folk! You’re about to find OUT, why it’s called, “PHILTHADELPHIA.” Or, “PHILTHY,” for short. 😳 😳 😳

  4. Moving the Phillies to the junior league would be a good start….

  5. Regrettably, the answer is pretty simple – democrats good, republicans bad, regardless of the facts. I am not going to do anything because the people I elected have said they will take care of things.

  6. @ MJA MAY 26, 2020 AT 4:06 PM

    Because last time local government tried to clean up Philly they burned out a whole city block

  7. Dont pick the crap up. Just burn in place.

  8. Bulldoze everything but Independence Hall into Joisey.


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