Clear Choice

I will concede that in the context of Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter I will pick All Lives Matter.

But, honestly, I don’t think all lives matter. I could easily pull the cyanide capsule lever for lots of people. People who go into a store and shoot a clerk in the head and take the cash register money? Their lives mean nothing to me. If I could push a button and make them disappear I could do it without missing one spoonful of my Rice Krispies.

Having said all that, the Black Lives Matter meme is particularly ridiculous. I am positive some thug has held a BLM sign the same day they shot some gang rival dead, and some white progressive dope teared up watching the cretin holding the sign.


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  1. Yup, show me the lever, I’ll pull it. Oh…..there is more than one, excellent. There are a bunch of animals that need to go away.

  2. Pulling the lever suggests some bodies going to round the scoundrels up for you, tie them to a chair so you can end them. This organization is a product of the current administration with muzzie influence and bllessed by the DOJ who will NOT support local LEO. Look for this to get much worse in the coming year. And if you don’t have one go get a gun and get good with it.

  3. I think pulling the lever is more of a figure of speech. I’m in favor of what ever it takes. It’s coming whether we are ready or not.

  4. Pulling a lever is not pulling a trigger. But then again I’ve recently been described as a Fing Redneck by a dumb ass Lib reacting to the shirt I was wearing with an AR logo on it.

  5. Sitting in hotel room in STL reading Riverfront Times where the cover story is Murder City. Of 300 murders since 1/1/2014, 91% murderers and 85% of the victims are black males.

    Three weks ago, black male shoots and paralizes veteran who was leaving a Cards game one block away from here. “Bitch, I want all yout shit!” said he while going through the pockets of the man he just shot in front of his mother and girlfriend.

    Cyanide? How about a fu**ing baseball bat!

  6. All lives matter only as long as my family is safe. If family isn’t safe, no one else matters no matter their; pigmentation, race, creed, nationality, religion, or particular orientation of any sort. Kinda like that book by Sayers, “I am third.” Everyone else is 4th an lower.

  7. Cyanide? How about a fu**ing baseball bat!

    Baseball bat will get you killed.
    I’m a Cali gun manufacture and have been on the road in that state for a couple days. Lot’s of bad things happening here regarding freedom but I’ll do that later. All these agendas we are fighting as conservatives are the same people, the same money, the same Anti Constitutional philosophy. Who are the victims? In the long run maybe the BLM group more than us. No matter, it’s the battle at hand that counts. Get rid of that baseball bat and arm yourself and vote as many times as you can for Trump.

  8. Has anyone seen this article about the MAOA-L gene? I honestly don’t know what to make of this. BadBlue posted a link the other day, but I can’t find it. Here’s the same story from the first hit that came up on Bing.

    “*Science Daily*: Whites have lowest instance of MAOA-L Gene, which is linked to aggression, violence, crime, and sexual abuse.

    American black males are twice as likely than American white males to have MAOA-L which has been linked to crime, violence and aggression in scores of studies going back over fifteen years. Black males are also 13.5 times more likely to have a rare version of the gene associated with “extreme violence and extreme aggression.” Latinos and American Indians are also nearly twice as likely as whites to have the more common version of the gene. However they are only about one fourth as likely to have the extreme version compared to blacks.

    New scientific techniques have brought to light exactly how the so-called “warrior gene” named MAOA-L works. New studies using MRI show how brain activity in those who have the MAOA-L gene differs from those without it.

    Studies have linked the gene to increased levels of sexual violence, alcoholism, crime, and even higher levels of credit card debt. However, very little is said about it outside of scientific journals. The reason is obvious. Many articles published on the gene even state that it has serious implications concerning race and ethnicity.”

    Sorry for the length. There’s more:

  9. Of course you’re right. What I see is that there are a bunch of trouble makers that have to be defeated before things are under control. I don’t know yet what form the battle will take. All I know is we have to win.

  10. Turd world Genetics, sorry but it’s the rare brownie that steps up and drops the primitive.

    I’ll bet there is something missing in the DNA. It can’t all be missing fathers.

  11. This might fill in behind you, Brad. Too many replies and that’s it. Anyway, I’ll be looking for a friendly foxhole. I live on an island in Puget Sound, with bridge access. One of my best friends says when the shit hits the fan I’ll have 1 hour to get home, then he is going to blow the bridge! He is a great guy, I like the hell out of him. At least he is giving me an hour.

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