Clergy Stop Feeding Illegal Migrants Who Refuse to Leave Church

Breitbart: Members of the clergy in Regensburg are accused of trying to ‘starve out’ migrants who occupied their church to protest being deported back to their home countries.

A tense standoff in a parish hall in Regensburg has led to the departure of four Roma families who had initially occupied the Regensburg cathedral in order to protest their deportations back to the western Balkans region.

After being denied asylum by the diocese in Regensburg, the clergy withheld food from the Roma and are accused of attempting to starve them out. Police had to be called in to remove the migrants after the clergy had given up attempts to remove them, reports Deutsche Welle.


7 Comments on Clergy Stop Feeding Illegal Migrants Who Refuse to Leave Church

  1. Out! Out! Damned spots!

    And now suddenly, after all these years of encouragement and looking the other way, they have a problem with them.

  2. It’s Bizarro World when people who are capable and free to get food for themselves are “starved” when nobody gives them free food.

    This is a close cousin to the wailing over “budget cuts” when the expected increase is less than the leeches demand.

  3. This is exactly what the United States should do if it wasn’t being coopted by a bunch of perptually-offended, America-hating goat buggers led by a jug-eared, Gay-obsessed, Lying-Denying, Deserter-honoring, Constitution-stomping, phoney-baloney plastic-banana republic, lying Communist Organizing muzlim Mallard!

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