Cleveland Brown Player Smashes Pittsburgh Steeler on Skull With a Helmet

Myles Garrett stripped Mason Rudolph of his helmet and used it as a weapon against him, hitting him on the head with it.


24 Comments on Cleveland Brown Player Smashes Pittsburgh Steeler on Skull With a Helmet

  1. I was watching that game. It looked to me as though it started with Rudolph trying to rip off Garrett’s helmet after Garrett sacked him, but that is no excuse.

  2. Damn, felon league is living up to it’s name. Kind of stupid to eject anyone but the guy who used a helmet as a weapon.

  3. Thugball. I stopped watching sports years ago. They aren’t the games I grew up playing, they’re bread & circus bloodsports fought by illiterate barbarians to entertain the ignorant masses. I’ll have no part of it.

  4. Apologies to David Lee Roth

    I’m just a jigaboo,
    And everywhere I gooo
    People know that part I’m playin’
    (Jigaboo! Jigaboo! Jigaboo!)

  5. Did anyone see the part where a Brown’s player was kicked in the crotch 3 times? It was immediately before the helmet smashing. I was standing very close to the TV cleaning a cat tree so had a much better view than that video shows,

  6. Steeler’s coach Mike Tomlin,

    “I’ll keep my thoughts to myself,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said after the game. “You guys saw what happened at the end.”

    I am 100% sure if his black quarterback got beaten in the head by a white player, he wouldn’t “keep his thoughts to himself.”

  7. I stopped following the NFL (and NBA) ages ago. Both have become Thug Sports and this is further proof of it. Both have become criminal enterprises in so many ways. :^( SCREW THEM ALL!!!

  8. Q: Why don’t they show hockey on prison TVs?

    A: Because you see a guy getting two minutes in the box for doing the same thing you’re serving 8 years for.

    Applies to feetsball too.

  9. Maybe Mr. Garrett didn’t appreciate getting his junk kicked by Mr. Rudolph. After not seeing the ball being thrown, Garrett finishes the tackle and Rudolph takes exception to the tackle and proceeds to kick Garrett in the privates. That incenses Garrett and he reacts. The evidence is in the long version of the video where Garrett is sitting on the bench and cleat marks are visible on his left leg in aforementioned area. Garrett should have refrained from violence but Rudolph is not entirely innocent either.


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