Cleveland Sues Tamir Rice’s family over $500 unpaid ambulance bill

The Rice family lawyer said, “this is adding insult to homicide.

  • Tamir Rice, 12, was shot by Cleveland police officer in November 2014 
  • In December, a grand jury declined to indict the two officers involved 
  • Now, the city is suing the family for unpaid emergency medical care bills
  • The claims says the family owe $450 for ‘advance life support’ and $50 for the ambulance ride to the hospital where Tamir died
  • The Rice family attorney’s branded the city’s callousness ‘breathtaking’  
  • The Rice family still owe the city for the work done by paramedics, who tried in vain to save Tamir’s life after he was shot in November 2014 while holding a toy gun

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12 Comments on Cleveland Sues Tamir Rice’s family over $500 unpaid ambulance bill

  1. $50 for an ambulance ride? $450 for ICU? Dafuq? Are these nubian rates?

    An ambulance ride can easily exceed $2,000. And ICU is also easily pushing a couple grand a day.

    Gunshot victims in Chicago alone cost the city over $2.5 BILLION(yes billion) a year. If Cleveland can get $500 out of these people, fucking get it.

  2. Let me guess: They don’t pay for their own food, rent, utilities, property taxes, car, property, or health insurance, why should they pay for an ambulance ride? Didn’t some infamous black shake-down artist roll into town and pick up the the tab for funeral expenses?

  3. The Grand Jury issued no indictments of the police. I do believe this billing issue could have been handled in a more humane manner even if it was having Mayor Frank Jackass offer to pay it personally. You’ve got a city full of Demorat politicos. You mean they couldn’t all chip in $10-15 each and take care of the matter? For that matter a number of the protestors over the last year come from very wealthy Cleveland families. Too bad they can’t cough up a few bucks rather than buying the next pair of $500 Nikes.

    There were several fund raisings and some of those fabulous attorneys paid themselves out of the funds while wailing about the poor, poor family.

    I don’t believe the police ‘murdered’ the boy. The dispatcher left out pertinent information in sending the car. New media stoked the hateful fires by airing only a small clip of the shooting trying to make the police look guilty.

    I personally paid bills to the doctor who killed my father through gross medical malpractice as later determined by a court. I owed, I paid and hated every time I wrote a check to the medical shyster. I can understand the family calling this callous.

  4. I’m sorry, but this is just bull. Mayor Jackson, and all all the officials suck. But no ” BILL” was sent. Seeing that he was on medicaid…shocker I know…federal law requires it be sent in the medicaid. Also the guy representing the family requested all documents in reference to the kid that are created to be sent to him. FEDERAL LAW REQUIRED it sent in. They were not billed.

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