BigGovernment: On Thursday the Cleveland VA Medical Center is opening the nation’s first VA clinic dedicated to providing for the healthcare needs of transgender veterans.


The Cleveland VA. It’s FABulous!

The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center will provide transgender veterans with primary care, hormone therapy, mental health care, and social work services, says local NBC affiliate WKYC. A calendar of events from the VA states the medical center will celebrate the opening of the transgender clinic on Thursday, November 12.  More here



  1. And what doctor wants to treat one of these freaks? I am beyond sick and tired of butt hurt gays, lesbians, trannies and BLMs. 🙄


  2. This is incredibly ironic coming one day after Veterans Day. There must be a lot of deceased veterans as well as living ones who are wondering if their sacrifices were worth this happening. Why should the transgendered freaks be given all the attention when there are real needs for veterans that should be met by the VA first? Oh, I know it’s political correctness and all that tolerance bullshit that matters to these people, well fuck that. Transgendered freaks don’t deserve this kind of care now or ever. What have these nancy boys done that makes them worthy, nothing that I can see except to say they’re something they’re not and then proudly and loudly proclaim that they’re victims of an oppressive society and expect us to feel sorry for them. Especially at the expense of those who really need help from the VA. I hate what is happening, it’s just not right that a few freaks are entitled to more rights than real veterans who have problems far more important than a few malcontented freaks. This pisses me off beyond belief.

  3. Agenda much?
    I’m sure this is the best use of V.A. resources right now, and there must be millions of Corporal Klingers lining up right now.

  4. pssst…Barky… instead of turning dicks into pussies and tacking boobs on men, WHY DON’T YOU FOCUS LIKE A FUCKING LASER ON LIMB TRANSPLANT RESEARCH???? YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

  5. Another example of why socialized medicine sucks.

    Resources shifted to where they’re neither needed nor wanted, except by the PC bureaucratic maggots, at the expense of the real patients who have real needs.

  6. That VA has been plagued with problems for decades.
    Just a few recent ones.

    They cured my friend’s husband of prostate cancer all the way until the day he died from his cured cancer. Yeah I guess death is a cancer cure.

    Even though it’s an area with good museums Wade Park where the VA is located is a hot bed of street crime. I doubt the local wild life will appreciate trannies on their territory.

  7. And this is why the Obama admin made sure this was announced at Veterans Day. To poke people like us in the eye once again. They hate decent people.

  8. I tried to find info on how many so-called “transgendered” people were actively serving in the military today. The best estimates seem to be about 10K. There are currently about 1.5MM people serving in the military today. There is an organization dedicated to so-called transgendered in the military who claim there are about 125K people who are prior-service and in need of VA care. I find that number hard to believe on both counts. They are in need of care, alright. They just have the treatment wrong.

    I’d like to know why midgets and dwarves haven’t had their day in court and an advocate like Ashton Carter to stand up for their rights to join the military.

  9. Lots of medical professionals are buying into the shared delusion. Just go to Medscape dot com and read some of the articles. Actual MDs stating that transgender is real, medical studies saying that marijuana isn’t harmful, even for children. And plenty of calls to ban guns.

    Don’t you know, science and medicine are subordinate to political ideology? You must be an uneducated cretin, or “flat earther” as the Nobel Laureate says.

    They moderate my comment out now, I just go there for free CME. It’s not good for my blood pressure to read anything else.

  10. “Fundamentally Transforming” mental institutions from simply treating nuts to adding or subtracting them.
    Gives a whole new meaning to the term “Nut Job”!

  11. “Sorry you got your dick shot off in combat, but when you get a little older, you’ll get moobs, so no problem. Next.”

  12. Somehow or another I don’t believe there are 10K transgendered freaks in the military. Even at maybe far less than 1-2% they’d still only be 1-2,000 of them, probably less. 1.5 million divided by a hundred is approximately 15K, no way can there be that many. As for dwarves or midgets the military doesn’t take really short people anyway, nor for the most part really tall people either. If they hadn’t taken some short people Audie Murphy would’ve never been allowed in the Army because he was a little guy with a big fighting spirit and a never say never quit attitude about life.

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