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  1. Trump never should have gone so dirty, so fast on Ted Cruz… a lot of us are not going to forgive him for it

  2. Even as Trump and Cruz took their shots at each other at the last debate, I sensed that they still like and respect each other. And I personally think that neither has said anything he couldn’t take back or smooth over for the sake of their joint ticket, should things turn out that way.

  3. It’s the voters that are ramping up the rhetoric to heights where they can’t walk it back, not Trump or Cruz.

    So, if Trump gets the nomination, then what?
    They’ll sit it out? Vote for Hillary? Sanders?

    I’d strongly advise right-wing voters to be prepared to vote for the primary winner, whoever it should be, because they would be light years better than Hillary or Sanders.

    It’s very depressing how the right manages to implode, every friggin time.

  4. Just noticed on PIVOT channel they are showing a show. Titled:
    “You’ve Been Trumped”

    a 2 hour 2011 film . Described as Scottish landowners battling billionaire D. Trump to prevent construction of a golf resort on environmentally sensitive stretch of coast line.

    Well, I guess that makes pretty clear the point of view of the film.
    I’ve never watched anything on PIVOT. It seems dedicated to old tv shows, periodically divided by left leaning shows.

    Elections are much too important to be making this a lovers’ spat.
    Some folks take politics – a very, very dirty business in the first place – waaaay too personally.

  6. “Jumped the shark”?!?

    You sound just like that GOPe twerp who, having forced Trump to sign a loyalty oath to the Party yet now sees Trump’s immense lead, now says it may be necessary for the Party to leave Trump and run third Party.

  7. You need to be aware that there are ALOT of “conservative” websites now going completely – almost irrationally – negative on Trump (Reaganite Conservative, among others).

    Keep your cool and weigh each bit of information/disinformation carefully.

    SPLITTING THE VOTE only helps the GOPe “broker” the nomination for !Jeb!…for which the GOPe and Dems thank you.

  8. And I know you’ll agree with me Czar that many people come to this site from the conservative treehouse and drop links that are all negative all the time against Ted Cruz even attacking his family and I’ve already proven the author at the treehouse to be either ignorant of facts or deliberately trying to take Cruz out. Good luck with that!

    BTW: I’ll vote for Trump or Cruz.

  9. I haven’t seen it. It sounds interesting, but going in, people should keep in mind that every stretch of coast line is ‘environmentally sensitive’ to doco filmmakers. it’s in their course syllabuses.

  10. I had a thought (yes it hurt).
    How interesting would it be if Donald Trump were put in charge of cleaning up and making efficient the IRS? Then in charge of eliminating the need for the IRS. I have a dream.

  11. ya got that ‘conservative’ btw Trump’s Establishment your-handy-dandy-trump-vs-cruz.html and even admitted ready to make deals with Wash DC establishment

  12. you have no problems anymore as Trump is the GOPe candidate, both sides have basically admitted same (except for Rubio and Jeb Bush LOL)

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