Climate Activist Demand Biden Create A “Civilian Climate Corps”

Daily Caller

An environmentalist organization claims “dozens” of its activists were arrested by Secret Service in front of the White House Monday.

The Sunrise Movement, an organization focused on stopping climate change, brought its members outside the White House Monday demanding more from the infrastructure agreement Democratic President Joe Biden endorsed, according to Yahoo News.

“Whether we’re inside or outside the White House, Biden is going to hear our demands,” a description for the event said on their site. More

Eight members of the movement were arrested trying to harass Ted Cruz at home the week before. Here

21 Comments on Climate Activist Demand Biden Create A “Civilian Climate Corps”

  1. We already had a CCC. It lasted 9 years and was an abject failure.

    Another FDR disaster.

  2. “The Sunrise Movement, an organization focused on stopping climate change…”

    …aptly named, in a way.

    The climate has, and will, change no matter what Man says or dies. The world lives and dies at the word of God, not the dictates of Democrats.

    That means their mission statement is so Quixotic that they may as well try to stop the sunrise, because they won’t be able to do THAT, either…

  3. Of course they will be armed, just like every department in the federal government has it’s own ‘security force”, heavily armed.

  4. The only climate change this country needs is the political climate. I just ask these activist clowns what happened 13.5 thousand years ago when the arctic refroze, suddenly, and they shut up.

  5. I believe in climate change.
    Earth’s climate HAS always changed.
    Earth’s climate WILL always change.
    Only a fool thinks hey can stop a natural process.

  6. SUPER! 😀

    THEN we can load them all in a Space Shuttle, to go explore the surface of the SUN – the BIGGEST shaper of “glo-BULL climate warming change” there is! Toodles! 😝

  7. Sounds like Ocorpsman is still working to slow the rise of the oceans. Must be worried about that estate on Martha’s Vineyard washing out to Cape Cod.

  8. Joe should quit destroying the country and try creating finger paintings like his worthless son.

  9. Is this the latest version of UNICEF? Yes, as a child, I was brainwashed to say “Trick or treat for UNICEF”. Then I actually started using my brain.

  10. ^^^ “… finger paintings like his worthless son.”
    he ain’t using his fingers
    ask kamala- she cleans the brush

  11. The point, just like the CCC of the 30s, is to indoctrinate the young so they’ll stand proudly when conscripted. They’ll be like Hitler Youth, Young Pioneers, and the Communist Youth League: ideologically polluted, fanatical, radical, filled with hate, and determined to goose step over America.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. @RogerF
    Then I actually started using my brain

    Me too. First thing I did, was to STOP observing “Beggarween,” and START observing the Festival Eve of the Reformation. 😎

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