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Climate Protestors Annoy Boston

State police ID protestors facing charges in connection with effort to disrupt traffic in Boston.

Boston 25 News:

BOSTON — Commuters in and around Boston were told to pack a little extra patience Wednesday morning due to a planned climate protest on city streets that caused traffic delays and resulted in at least 15 arrests.

Extinction Rebellion Boston members on Tuesday announced a plan to meet at Post Office Square at 7 a.m. and start marching through downtown Boston, prompting MassDOT to issue a warning to drivers to prepare for detours and disruptions.

Shortly after the protest kicked off, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Police said that five people, three men and two women, had been taken into custody on the ramp from the Leverett Circle Connector to Interstate 93. more here

11 Comments on Climate Protestors Annoy Boston

  1. Pretty sure if enough Boston commuters drove tractors with front hay bale spear attachments these traffic-blocking morons would get out of the way.

  2. why not protest on Martha’s Vineyard where many homeowners fly on private jets and own huge yachts? oh, yea,because you don’t GAS about the climate

  3. Professional craptivists whose paychecks are ultimately financed by globalist billionaires trying to fuck with the energy markets and the human race in general to become even richer and more powerful.

  4. everything those dipshits were wearing, holding, riding or talking into are a direct result of fossil fuel.

  5. Somebody important must have been inconvenienced.

  6. AMAF if the ‘activists’ were gainfully employed outside their ‘activist’ stipends paid, probably, through one of Soros’s front organizations they would have no interest in being obnoxious assholes (for the planet).

  7. Now I want to get my F350 out and go roll coal all over town.

  8. If faced with that situation, I think I would proceed at about 1 mph allowing them to get out of the way. if they don’t get out of the way and get run over, I think that the case could be made that it is their own fault.

  9. Maybe round up some of those barrel wearers, truck them West and deposit them in Lake Mead for the future? Add to “The Mystery”!

  10. When I see dillweeds loitering in the street, I downshift and gun it! You should see ’em skedaddle (a loud muffler helps).

  11. Well, Boston’s been annoying America for a hundred years, so I guess it’s OK.
    A city of self-righteous assholes.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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