Climate Realism: Trump’s Former Science Advisor Featured in Climate Forum at COP25 in Madrid


“The Heartland Institute is honored to present Dr. Happer at our prebuttal of the December 2-13 UN conference,” said James Taylor, director of Heartland’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy. “Dr. Happer will provide valuable insight into the powerful scientific evidence that shapes President’s Trump climate realism. Dr. Happer’s impressive scientific credentials and accomplishments are unsurpassed. The world needs to hear Dr. Happer present the scientific case against a speculative and highly dubious climate crisis.”


8 Comments on Climate Realism: Trump’s Former Science Advisor Featured in Climate Forum at COP25 in Madrid

  1. Better get out of the east coast tonite, BEFORE the record low temperatures and several inches of global climate warming peace, love, & doob crystals, close the airports! 🙄

  2. It’s snowing on the 11th instant. Cold. Very cold on the 11th instant. 21-20 degrees F. That’s 11 degrees of frost. At a minimum.

    You can take your global warming, twist it into what you want, and shove it up your ass.

  3. I have never, and will never, be able to understand people who are afraid of the weather. It happens, all around us, day and night, 365 days a year.
    I was in a car dealership in Florida some time ago and there were some beautiful storm clouds coming in, as they do a lot in that part of Florida.
    I commented, “man, I love a good storm.”
    Some lady shrieked, “Oh my God. You can’t honestly mean that!!” I was going to apologize to her, figuring she’s nuts, but I saw 7 car salesman staring at me, with vile contempt, like I just beat the crap out of the lady.
    I couldn’t help myself…..I said, “I do mean it. I love to see houses destroyed, people losing everything they have, broken bodies, the chaos…the mayhem….I just really get off on it.”
    Nobody said a word and I walked out and left.

  4. Every two minutes, the energy reaching the earth from the sun is equivalent to the entire annual energy use of humanity. That represents a ratio of 15,768,000:1 based on the number of seconds in a year. Ultimately all of our energy comes from the sun. It is the single, biggest influence on weather… Period! If anyone thinks that man has the ability to influence a ratio of 1000:1, or 100,000:1, let alone millions to 1, THAT right there is a special kind of crazy!!

    I know, I know… “Ok TRF, if yer gonna start makin sense around here I’l goin home!”


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