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Clinton Aide’s SUICIDE Has Been Hidden!

Seriously, how can one couple have so many suicides happening within their inner sphere? It’s preposterous. How many times can I write a story and say “I’m not really sure if Arkancide is a real thing or just a premise seeking evidence to confirm the bias”?

It’s real.

Gateway Pundit reports that Mark Middleton (the deceased) was one of the people who introduced Clinton to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Middleton is the person who admitted Epstein to the White House several times during the Clinton presidency.

All information surrounding the details of this suicide has BEEN SEALED.

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  1. “…request the records after the investigation is complete..”

    Records? pfffft.. After the hammering, bleach-bit, theft and/or arson is complete, request all you want, fools.

  2. “They argued that keeping the footage and files sealed would halt the proliferation of “unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.”

    That’s true; once the records are released, they would then be SUBSTANTIATED conspiracy FACTS.

    Someone should check the bank accounts of the family members who requested the records be sealed.

  3. If it’s hidden, how do we know about it? It was in the news. Hidden things generally don’t make the news because, you know, they’re hidden.

    Just because his family doesn’t want the Nosy Parkers from the Daily Mail getting their grubby mitts on the photos or records doesn’t mean it’s being “hidden.”

  4. 56 close friends commit suicide and 90 some-odd business associates murdered?
    Happens all the time!
    No conspiracy theories involved!

    Last time this level of shit happened was in the Court of Byzantium.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “I don’t know the man, and I don’t why he picked our county or picked that location to commit suicide. To our knowledge, he had never been there before, and we have no record of him being there before,” the sheriff told Daily Mail previously.

    “He died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the chest. He found a tree and he pulled a table over there, and he got on that table, and he took an extension cord and put it around a limb, put it around his neck and he shot himself in the chest with a shotgun.”

    Sounds like info surrounding his death and how he did it. I dunno, he musta not though the hanging wouyld do it, so just to be sure he shot himself in the chest…he was apparently depressed. Or was afraid Gishlaine would start talking. Meanwhile, Clintons are still living the life.

  6. And hold your breath!…..
    That’s right NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

  7. I would like to see a scoreboard: I am 67 and I have known 2 people who committed suicide. What’s your suicide score?

  8. I can count all the murders and suicides I’ve known (68 yrs) on three fingers.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. “What’s your suicide score?”

    That’s an unusual question.

    At 71, I know of four who have summarily ended it. Two from my childhood and two from adulthood.

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